Class Rating? 11/10.

Have I mentioned that I have the best kids ever this year? Because I honestly think this might be the overall best class I have ever had.  I am still getting to know my students, their personalities, and secret talents, but 1.  I am really enjoying them so far and 2.  They are super well behaved.  3.  Did I mention that they are completely adorable?  Win!

Here are some gems from so far the in the school year:

  • Today I was walking in the hallway and I asked a girl in my line a question.  She just smiled in response.  I looked at her again and she put her finger up to her lips reminding me that we are supposed to be quiet in the hall.  I clearly should not be trying to get her to talk….
  • I asked a child how to be a good friend, and he recited John 3:16 for me – KJV style.  It was awesome.  I asked if that is what he wanted written down on his paper and he said yes, and then dictated it to me phrase by phrase.
  • During breakfast today, I overheard a child saying, “No seriously, my mom is a princess and I am a prince!”
  • I have been compared to Ms. Frizzle (of the Magic School Bus).  I think it is my crazy red hair and educational dresses that really bring us together.
  • “Ms K, I like your tie!” “Thanks!  I like to call it a scarf.”
  • I learned that memory verse boy also likes to sing.  I asked if he wanted to sing a song for me and Shawn.  He took some time to think of a song, and then came back and sang “How Great Thou Art.”  It was awesome.  I love finding some great performers.  I will probably see if they need anymore vocalists for the worship team at church.  I feel he could be a real asset.
  • One boy comes out to the lockers and says, “When are you going to come back into the room?” and I ask, “Do you miss me in there?” and he said, “Yes”, took my hand, and escorted me back to class.
  • Today we had an early release.  Two girls (probably third or fourth grade??) walked into the cafeteria while the staff were getting situated.  We had plates with kettle corn, pretzels, and fun-sized candy bars.  One comments to the other, “So this is what the teachers do at meetings: they eat candy!”
  • I was standing still on the playground, talking to a co-worker as we supervised several slides for proper slide etiquette.  A child runs towards us from behind, crashes into my leg, falls down, then gets up and accusingly says, “Your leg tripped me!”  hmmm… yeah, I’m gonna go ahead and say that is not what happened.
And that wraps up another week of work!  The thought of sleeping in tomorrow gives me great joy.  Now I shall climb into bed and read an assessment manual.  Yes, the school year has begun.

6 thoughts on “Class Rating? 11/10.

  1. I love it. Kid stories are my favorite, which is probably why I keep coming to work. I love that the little girl put her finger to her lips. Quit trying to corrupt her principled attributes, Laura. Just so you know, I still ask our little friend who likes to help women to sing for me from time to time. It takes a load off.

  2. I also forgot to tell you that a second grader ran up to me who has one of our kids two years ago in his class and said, “So and So told me that you are just as strong as ever.” I like this reputation seeing as I have had to remove children from their classroom. See Laura? I am making the kids feel safe so they can learn.

    • 1. Thinking of the child who “likes to help women” made me so happy.
      2. I am so glad to hear that you are just as strong as ever. I think we gained quite a reputation that year. Personally, I’m trying to save my feats of strength for things like moving tables instead of moving children this year. Fingers crossed.

  3. Me too!!! I have the BEST class eva!
    1. One girl dropped all her things and ran towards me. I thought something was horribly wrong, but then she tackled/hugged me and said, “Goodbye Miss Ernst!”
    2. One kid brought his birthday invitations inside individual tennis balls…I kid not. And not one kid bounced the tennis balls around the classroom or threw them at each other’s head. Not one.
    3. I have two kids with cochlear implants so I wear not one, but two microphones. I regularly tell the class it makes me feel like a celebrity.
    4. I’m finding that I have all this extra class time…because my class finishes assignments early. They are awesome.
    5. I have three kids that laugh at all my jokes…every single joke. Once again, makes me feel like a celebrity.

    Enjoy your fun class!!!

  4. I am officially going to refer to all of my pashminas as lady-ties. Because it just sounds so much…snappier.

    I’m glad you have a wonderful class this year – you deserve it!

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