Oh College, back when life was simple.

Sometimes it is the perfect day for a college tour.

This day for me was on Saturday.  You see, pretty much everyone at my church either currently attends the University of Minnesota, or did attend it at some point in their lives.  Except me.  So naturally I pretend that I attended the U and create fictional memories to bond with other U of M graduates.  

Well, no longer do I need to live a lie.  No, I did not graduate for a second time over the weekend.  But I did make some U memories of my own.  Some memories were unexpected, some should have been expected, and others went as planned.  And then I remembered that I do actually have some memories of my own.

Unexpected Memories: For whatever reason, I did not expect to stumble upon a traditional Latin American dance group.  I heard drums, saw giant feather headdresses, and didn’t question it.

Should Have Expected Memories: The reason for our visit was because our friend Tim had extra gopher tickets and invited us along.  TCF Bank Stadium was pretty great. Tim has AWESOME seats.  Or at least I thought row 12 was awesome until I talked to my six year old friend who was sitting in a suite.  His description of the game experience included the nonchalant sentence, “And of course we had heaters.”

You might think this is just a photo of the field. While it is that, it is so much more. Five points if you can find my friends in this picture!

There was some pretty incredible people watching too.  Giant-hair lady (Beth Moore??) was in front of us, blocking Tiffany’s view of the field.  Flirty Dancy girl was two rows up.  We learned some great dance moves for the next time we are in a public place and feel like having a personal dance party.  She was seated next to mysterious-age man and friends.  Is he Flirty-Dancy-Girl’s Dad?  Or Boyfriend?  Is this okay?  Or inappropriate?  And everyone always loves I-Want-You-All-To-Cheer-With-Me-or-I-Will-Yell-At-You-Guy.  Did you see Knit-Beer-Can-Hat-Guy?  Or the cute 3 year old next to us who loves Goldy?  So much going on.  So many emotions surrounding us as the game progressed.  What we should have expected but didn’t, is that the Gopher’s seem to play sports just like every other MN team.  I call this MN strategy: Try really hard to win, but also try hard not to win and just see what happens.  Teams seem to think this is a fan favorite, as it keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole game.

Typical Memories: We ate dinner afterwards at Burrito Loco.  I was excited to eat there, as I have heard so much about it.  It was pretty much as expected.  I had a pleasant experience.  I also was excited to see Stadium Village Church, where my church met before moving into our current building.  It was good to put a face with a name.  I also figured that Tim would be able to regale us for hours with tales from his glory days at the U.  I was not let down in this area either.  The whole experience lasted from 1:15-9:00pm.

Remembered Memories: Who knew that I did have U of M memories prior to this weekend?  Our tour reminded me or the yearbook/journalism day I went to as a high school student, marching band day (who wouldn’t be proud of their days wearing spats and and ice cream bucket hat), seeing Flight of the Conchords and the fire alarm going off – but not one took it seriously until we were forced to evacuate – come on, it is Flight of the Conchords – why would we think there potentially was really an emergency?  The alarm sounds like a ridiculous sound effect.  How were we to know?  Then there is bowling with Marcus and Sara while they legitimately were students, and getting Jamba Juice with Sara while accompanying her during rush hour traffic to drop off(?) some paperwork(?)  Good memories.

See, I basically am a U of M grad!  So many memories – I don’t need to fake it anymore!  I am so excited to throw around some building names and U student lingo to conform and fit in with my friends!

(Calm down, Bethel, you know I am kidding.  I wouldn’t trade my days on your campus for anything!)

see Bethel? Look! We have real memories too!


5 thoughts on “Oh College, back when life was simple.

  1. Whenever I’m at Burrito Loco, I capitalize on the buffalo and BBQ chicken options for their nachos and quesadillas. Otherwise, I’d be compelled to say that Chipotle is definitely better for burrito/bowl options.

    It’s important to have a pecking order for these things.

    • I was a little nervous to try one of the awesome chicken options as I didn’t have time to mentally prepare and think through what would be delicious with it. Recommendations for what other toppings are extra delish with buffalo or bbq chicken??

      As a result of playing it safe, I feel like I will probably need to go back in life, but it doesn’t need to be a staple in my life.

  2. And did you happen to notice at the Gophers’ game that it was Faribault Community Day with a bronze bust of Faribault native and 1941 Heisman trophy winner Bruce Smith presented to the U? Amber should have been there. If only I’d known about those extra tickets, I would have advised her to grab one.

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