the most obvious of questions

I cannot even count the times I have read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom in my life.  It is one of those books that I can pretty much recite to you.  Yet I still love it.  And I encourage all children to love it.  I have even dressed up as this tree for Halloween.  Fall Festival. 

In all my years of reading this book (starting from when I was little and reading it to my brother) I have never had a child ask me this question until this year:

“Why did the letters go up in the tree?”

Why has no one questioned this before?  It makes so much sense to be wondering that!  Usually I’m pretty quick on my feet, but I had nothing to say in response.  So I did what any good teacher would do, and asked, “Boys and girls, what do you think?  Why DID the letters go up in the tree?”

Apparently the answer was pretty obvious.  It was clearly because the letters wanted to drink the coconut milk so that they can have babies.  


3 thoughts on “the most obvious of questions

  1. I always thought the question was simply “Will there be enough room?” Though I am fairly certain that a babymakin’ quest seems 1,000x more intense than what the author was going for.

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