things that make the first day okay

School started today!  I wasn’t necessarily feeling 100% thrilled about it, but then I got this card, and it reminded me that I SHOULD be 100% excited, because school is 100% awesome.  I got some other much needed encouragement from friends:

exhibit A

And some great advice: “I’m sure all your children will immediately fall in love with you, and if they don’t, tell them to go home”

And so I decided that I should pass the encouragement on to others.  You might be wondering, “Laura, what form did your first day happiness take?” To which I respond, that is a silly question!  “Naturally, I made First Day of School Cupcakes!”

I will be the first to say that I think they turned out ADORABLE.  But before I go on, I must explain something to you.  And perhaps make a strong request.  Kindergarten teachers do not like it when you call their grade “kinder” and their students “kinders.”  I guess I can’t speak for all teachers everywhere, but where I work, we recently discovered it is pretty much all of our biggest pet peeve.

 If, while leading a staff workshop, you continually refer to kindergarten as “kinder”, the kindergarten teachers may begin to increasingly dislike you, as well as angrily cheer, “you say kinder, we say garten” at their table under their breath.  You might think, “But Laura, It is cool to abbreviate!”  I will let you call my cupcakes “adorbs” instead of “adorable.”  No problem!  You can call me “teach” instead of “teacher” – that just reminds me of my grandpa and makes me smile.  But when it comes to my grade level, please take the additional 0.7 seconds, and say the whole word.  No one wants a kindergarten teacher as an enemy.  Alright, moving right along.  I feel better having gotten that out. 

However, having been through a harrowing experience (such as the hypothetical one mentioned above), if you are a kindergarten teacher trying to think of something cute to write on little chalkboards on cupcakes, feel free to laugh an evil laugh as you frost “kinder” on each chocolate covered graham.  You are hilarious.

So, the nitty gritty: the cupcakes and frosting at these Strawberry Cupcakes from Annie’s Eats. The chalkboards are chocolate covered graham crackers and the words are frosting.  The apples are cherry sour candies with melting chocolate piped stems and leaves stuck on top.  If you care more than I do, I’d recommend shorted stems to promote the apple look over the cherry look.  But if you don’t care more than I do, just do what feels right, and assume people will go apple because it is with a chalkboard.  The chalk is a white good ‘n’ plenty.  

Delicious!  (well, in theory, I haven’t actually tried them yet.  But I do have one in the fridge with my name on it.  Well, it actually says Kinder, but I know it is meant for me).

Eat a cupcake and survive your first day of school.  That is my motto.  Or, since I have clearly just admitted that A) I have not eaten a cupcake and B) I did in fact survive, perhaps my motto can be found in this conversation that was repeated all day:

Student: I want to go home now.

Teacher: Yep, me too.  We still have more learning to do though.

Or this one:

Student: I like coming to school.

I’ll let you decide which one better reflects my thoughts and feelings on being back at work 😉 


One thought on “things that make the first day okay

  1. Oh man, I wish my first day back to school included gifts from friends and adorable cupcakes. I will settle for online quizzes and expensive textbooks.
    Woohoo back to school!

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