On tutus and babies…

Baby girls and tutus – does it get much better than that?  My roommate and I were just discussing that it is really quite unfortunate that tutus are not generally accepted everyday-wear for adults.  Because how awesome would that be??

I’m not looking to start any fashion trends though, so I will focus my tutu efforts on appreciating the adorableness of this baby in particular.  I was delighted today that not only did I get to see her cute skirt, but I also got to take pictures of her!  Seriously people – can we get any cuter?  Thanks Sara, for letting me take pictures of your little girl.  Here are some of my favorites from this afternoon 🙂  Next time we’ll capture her smiles, but today’s pictures were pretty darn cute as well.  (Click here to be amazed at how much this little girl has grown in 4 months)

Here is my favorite black and white photo of the day:
And here are my favorite two photos overall: LOVE!


2 thoughts on “On tutus and babies…

  1. Great pics! Course the subject is sooo adorable & dear to my heart! Still yet, baby pics aren’t always easy to get. You really captured her expressiveness well!!

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