A Smattering.

This week has exhausted me to say the least.  Oh, working again.

The highlight of my week was finding out a family requested me based on the advice of a student I had one of my first years teaching.  How precious is that??

On another note, let’s talk about electricity.  I pay my bills, and I’m assuming the others on my block do as well.  I like to think that electricity and I go way back – I even was in a musical about Thomas Edison in fifth grade: The Electric Sunshine Man.  (We won’t get into it here, but I auditioned for an acting role, but the music teacher thought I’d said I wanted to do make-up instead. So my name was next to a part, then crossed out, re-assigned to someone else, and I was on the make-up list.  I was crushed. Of course, being the responsible 5th grader I am, I almost got to fill in for a girl who didn’t show on performance night.  I stood on the risers practicing the line, nervous with excitement.  Of course she arrived minutes before her scene.  Ok – I guess we did get into it.  Sorry for telling you we wouldn’t).  Also, my roommate and I even got a congratulatory letter once for being the best in the area at conserving electricity. With all those pro-electricity things going in our favor, why then is my block losing power on a bi-weekly to monthly basis?!  Pull yourselves together, electric company which shall remain nameless!

And finally, if all goes according to plan, soon you can look for these two pictures on the sidebar for some convenient navigation of my blog.  Want to just read about my travels over yonder?  Not a problem: just click this picture: Are you more interested in reading my I Love Lucy – esque exploits in the kitchen?  You are in luck!  Clicking on this picture in the sidebar will bring you directly to all baking, cupcaking, cooking, and tales of kitchen misadventure.  Alright, well, that is all for now.  Tune back in to hear about Friday Funday Part 5.  (Yes, I will someday back track to #3 and 4, but I’m hoping to get pictures from my Friday Funday Friend before sharing epic tales of horseback riding and canoeing)

Happy Friday to you!


One thought on “A Smattering.

  1. OMSERIOUSLY. We have been losing power every other week too and it’s driving me absolutely mad! It either goes out in the morning (when I’m getting ready or shortly thereafter) or in the middle of the night, which kills off the fan. List of things you never knew about Marcus: The man can’t sleep if there isn’t any white noise. So there I am, laying in this silent room with my beloved next to me, trying his hardest to channel a tumbleweed.

    We may as well move to California. Or a third world country. At least the food would be better. And the cost of living lower.

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