Ten things I loved about Dan and Anna’s wedding

This post is long overdue.  A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of attending my friend Anna’s wedding.  It is one of the best weddings I have been to.  I will share with you some reasons that it was a favorite.

  1. Everything was beautiful.  I would describe the style as simple elegance with a splash of fun.  The bridesmaids wore adorable dresses from J Crew.  Anna looked beautiful in her dress.  The flowers were simple, but perfect.  There were so many darling details, down to the scalloped edges of the programs. 
  2. They didn’t take themselves too seriously.  Making vows to love someone and honor them and stay faithful to them forever is serious business.  They in no way made light of that fact.  But they didn’t seem hung up on having everything picture perfect (which made it so much better, because they were themselves in the midst of an incredible and special day in their lives).  They may have even high fived after getting the ring on.  Awesome.
  3. Throughout the ceremony and the reception, it was evident that their families mean the world to them.  Anna’s brother sang a beautiful Jon Foreman song during the ceremony.  He got choked up.  The guitar player sang alongside him to carry him through the song.  It was so great.  Her dad is the pastor of her church she grew up in, and he pronounced them husband and wife.  Before that though, he said a few words to the couple, especially sharing with Anna how proud he is of her.  I may have cried out of my left eye at this point.
  4. Not only did Dan and Anna make vows to one another, but then their parents and guests had the opportunity to also promise to continue to love, support, and pray for this new married couple.  I loved this.
  5. The reception was at Circus World.  Do I even need to say more? 
  6. Instead of a cake, they had cake pops!  They were in a variety of flavors and designs.  Super fun! 
  7. The rode away from the church in a horse drawn carriage.  Dreams do come true!
  8. There were adorably fun and thoughtful touches everywhere: color swirls on the paper straws, cones to fill with popcorn, Barnum’s animal crackers, mustaches and lips on a stick, and a delightful candy bar. 
  9. I repeat: the reception was at Circus World.  Who else can say they had an elephant at their reception.  Or a miniature horse that can do math? 
  10. Anna is one of my favorite people.  She is so genuine, loving, and fun.  She has such a big heart.  I was thrilled to see her marry an amazing guy, and am excited for them as they begin their marriage.