Lions and tigers and monkeys – oh my!

I promised a little tutorial on the cake pops and cupcakes I made for Steph’s baby shower, so here goes fulfilling the first half of my promise.  I will start with the cake pops and then someday soon explain the cupcakes.

It is said that a magician never reveals his secrets.  You should be glad that I am a baker, not a magician, so I am allowed to tell you my secrets.  (Ok, let’s be realistic.  They are not big secrets.  You can probably even figure it out just by looking at the pictures). 

Currently, I am mostly exhausted after a middle of the night run to the airport and then actually going to work (I know, I should probably take a nap now – I don’t want to over-do it!)  So we will start this post out and hope my coherency lasts to the end of it.  Good luck to us all – me: the writer, and you: the reader.

When I first envisioned myself making cake pops for the shower, I thought I would make some pink with white sprinkles and some blue with white sprinkles – simple and classy and keeping the “is it a boy or a girl” mystery alive.

Then we decided on this jungle theme, and I thought to myself, “Hmm… how hard could it be to make jungle themed cake pops?”  I did some google image searches and I found some inspiration.   

I didn’t take any pictures along the way – my apologies.  It was a long enough process without getting out the camera.  I loved making them, but if you add up all the baking and decorating I did last week (not all of it is pictured here, as not all of it was for the shower) the total time adds up to 5/6 discs of Veronica Mars Season 2, Free Willy and half of Free Willy 2.  The great thing about cake pops though is I didn’t need to finish in one sitting.  I rolled the balls and stuck them in the fridge on a cookie sheet and decorated them throughout the week as I had time.

First off, to make cake pops (sans fancy decorations), you need

  1. A box of cake mix (I used a fudge chocolate)
  2. A can of frosting (I used cream cheese)
  3. Sticks (I bought them at Michael’s)
  4. Wilton’s melting chocolates (At least that is the variety I use – also from Michael’s)

Make the cake according to the directions on the box.  Let it cool.  Then, in a large bowl, crumble it up and mix it together with the frosting, until it is completely mixed together.  Form it into balls, then chill.

Take a few out of the fridge at a time, dip the stick into the melting chocolate, then place it in the cake ball.  Dip the cake ball into the melting chocolate until it is completely coated.  Decorate the cake pop and let it stand in a block of styrofoam until cool and hardened.

To decorate the monkey cake pop: 

  • I dipped the cake pop in brown melting chocolate.
  • I used two cute little pre-made eyes* that I bought at Michael’s.  I promise they are from the edible section, not the kids’ art supplies section.
  • The mouth is a butterscotch chip with a smile drawn on using an edible marker.
  • The ears are Reese’s Pieces.

*My sister-in-law said to me, “We were walking in Target and we say little eyeballs and thought of you!”  So great 🙂

To decorate the lion cake pop: 

  • I dipped him in yellow melting chocolate.
  • I rolled the edges in yellow and orange fancy sprinkles by Duff (sold at Michael’s).
  • The nose is a mini chocolate chip.
  • The eyes and mouth are drawn on with an edible marker.

To decorate the tiger cake pop: 

  •  I dipped it in orange melting chocolate.
  • The eyes are the candy eyes I used for the monkeys.
  • The nose is a mini chocolate chip.
  • The whiskers and mouth are drawn on with an edible pen.
  • To make the tiger stripes, I put brown melting chocolate in a ziplock, clipped the corner, and piped on the stripes.  (Is that an appropriate usage of the word pipe?  I don’t know.  I will just go with it.  Act confident, Laura).

So, there you go!  Easy as 1-2-3.  Well, maybe the numbering should go up a little higher than 3 there.  I promise they aren’t actually that difficult, but they are a bit time consuming.  However, people love them, so it is worth the effort!  

Oh, and to display/serve them at the shower, I took a block of styrofoam, covered it in baby-jungle-wrapping paper, and then glued some zebra ribbon around the edge.

And as a little bonus, here is another cute picture of a cute baby! 


6 thoughts on “Lions and tigers and monkeys – oh my!

  1. Your cake pops were absolutely spectacular. I love making cake balls, but I completely lack the patience needed to action any sort of thematic decorating beyond the colorful drizzle of contrasting melting chocolate (how 3rd grade, I know). I am finally coming to terms with the fact that this is my lot in life.

  2. Ahh! Those are too cute! The lion is my favorite.
    I am throwing my friend a baby shower in a few weeks, but I barely have patience to make the boxed cake mix. 😦 She will have to settle for store-bought cake. The poor dear. haha

  3. I was totally impressed with your cake balls! Not only were they amazing to look at, but they also tasted fantastic!!!

    P.S. When I have a baby (years from now) will you take amazing pics of him/her too?

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