Wild to Meet You (in a few months)

alternately titled: Jungle Baby Shower

alternately titled: Why People Think I am a Cake Pop Dealer 

Sara and I had the honor this past weekend of throwing a baby shower for our dear friend Stephanie.  We are so excited for the arrival of their new little one this fall!  The new baby will have an adorable jungle themed nursery, so we decided that would also be the perfect shower theme. 

Sara is an incredible cook and she really out-did herself with so many delicious foods.  She also was a gracious host, and opened up her home for us – even with have a 16(?) week old baby of her own.  She is one impressive lady! 

The Menu:

  • Amazing hot sandwiches in two varieties: turkey or ham – I don’t know what they had on them, but they were super good. 
  • Deviled eggs
  • Cucumbers topped with delicious red pepper-ness
  • Strawberry Poppyseed Salad 
  • Broccoli Salad
  • Raspberry Lemonade
  • Almond Iced Tea 
  • Did I mention the delicious fresh fruit served in a watermelon that Sara carved to look like a baby carriage?  Seriously, she is amazing. 

I was in charge of desserts, and once we picked a jungle theme, that clearly would dictate what desserts I would make.  My sibs had given me a cupcake decorating book for Christmas, and I was fairly certain that it had some jungle animals.  So between that and the internets, I had all the inspiration I needed, and now I only hoped I had the skills to created something resembling animals out of baked goods.

I served oreo cupcakes frosted to look like:

  • tigers
  • alligators
  • hippos
  • lions
  • monkeys
  • zebras 

I served strawberry cupcakes decorated like flamingos. 

And I made cake pops to look like tigers, monkeys, and lions. 

For those of you interested in the how, I will share the details later this week.  If you make them and have extras, I can also give you tips of sharing them, including serving size and photo evidence that they are being shared by the recipients.  However, people might ask you if you are cupcake and/or cake pop dealer.  This may have happened.  People also may refuse to eat them, saying they are too cute.  Remind them that while it is awfully life-like, this is actually not a real animal.  If you don’t name them, that helps.

Sara also made a diaper cake with adorable jungle diapers and cute finger puppets and toys. 

We aren’t really big into the shower games, so I was excited when I saw this idea while doing some googling.  Each guest got a card with sentence starters to write a letter to the baby.  We also took a picture of everyone with Steph, and we are going to put them together into a jungle scrapbook for her to enjoy and remember this special time of  preparing for her son or daughter’s arrival. 

Other than that, we opened gifts and saw adorable little outfits and toys. 

It was fun to see the girls who were able to make it, as I hadn’t seen several of them in years.  I can’t wait for the arrival of Steph and Jonathan’s new little one – he or she is a lucky baby to have such loving parents waiting his/her arrival. 

p.s.  this little lady wins for most adorable guest and cutest party dress.  Seriously, how cute is she!?


2 thoughts on “Wild to Meet You (in a few months)

  1. 1. That is a BEAUTIFUL picture of Elsie.

    2. I kind of felt like we had become legit adults when we ate the baked/glazed sandwiches that Sara actioned. It just felt so…responsible.

    • 1. Thanks! I was super excited when I saw how well it turned out 🙂
      2. Yes, we are grown-ups now. Fancy sandwiches are our lot in life (at least on occasions where Sara caters deliciousness for us)

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