A hipster I am not.

This weekend has been great!  Sara and I threw a baby shower on Saturday morning (I will share details and pictures later.  Right now I can’t be bothered to put the pictures on my computer).  We had so much fun preparing delicious foods (Sara) and fun desserts (me) for Stephanie, our guest of honor.  She and her husband are having a jungle themed nursery for their new little one when he or she arrives, so it seemed fitting to have a jungle themed baby shower!

Post-baby shower, my dad fixed my brakes!  My car now accelerates and stops.  Amazing!  And it seems as though I have a working air bag again as well.  I haven’t tested this theory though, as that seems unsafe and foolish since I just had all this work done my car.

He finished just in time for me to head to Amber’s for a little carpool action.  We went to a bbq for our friend Johannes, who lives in Germany, but interned at our church a few years ago.  It was super fun to see him again – I am glad he came to visit us in Minnesota.  He said that since I didn’t visit while I was in Deutschland this summer, that he had to come here.  I told him I waited for him for hours in Munich, and he never showed.  The jury is still out on what really happened 😉  Naturally I brought jungle themed cake pops and cupcakes to this party as well.  I mean – zebras, tigers, and alligators live in the Black Forest, right???

Then the carpool headed out to pick up a fifth passenger, our new friend Molly.  We headed towards the good old U for the West Bank Music Fest.  I really had no idea what I was going to, and mostly just like doing fun things with friends.  We ended up listening to three bands and it was delightful (even if it was past my bedtime).

Highlights include: electric mandolin, ukelele, and banjo.  And Farewell Milwaukee.  They are delightful chill music.*  I might be listening to them via their Facebook page as I type this.  When we left that night, I wanted to stop at their table and tell them I was their new biggest fan.  But I did not.  My friends suggested after we left that I walk past the window where they were sitting and bang on the glass, then mouth the words “I love your music.  And we want to know what conditioner you use for your long locks”  But once again, I did not.

Which leads me to my title.  This is absolutely a hipster music fest.  We were surrounded by plaid shirts, fedoras, and skinny jeans.  I was still in my baby shower clothes.  To say the least, my white ruffle shirt, bright pink cardigan, j crew sparkly necklace, and pink flower in my hair weren’t really blending in.  I don’t think I could ever pass for a hipster if I tried, but a) I do enjoy their music and b) I’d at least like to not stand out like a pink ruffle girl next time.  Oops.

*for clarification to my family, when I talk about chill music, I still don’t mean spooky-chilling music, but rather chilling as in the act of chilling/relaxing.  I will never have an itunes playlist of scary music.


4 thoughts on “A hipster I am not.

  1. Oh heavens. In the winter I usually have an emergency pashmina on hand that could help me move into faux-hipster territory. But in the summer? I wouldn’t stand a chance, really.

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