less complaining and more listing

Right now my idea for a title of this post is “Things about my week that didn’t suck” (referring to the things, not my week).  But I’m trying to think of something more clever.  Or not as depressing sounding.  (turns out I went with more vague)

If I had to vote on a week of the summer to be the worst, it would be this one.

If I have to quote lyrics from the radio it would be, “It’s been a really really messed up week.  Seven days of torture.  Seven days of bitter.”

Then I said, “Laura, pull yourself together.  You are fine.  Stop crying at the grocery store.”  And so I decided to make a list of the good things about my week.  I was surprised at the length of the list, and it made me feel better/made me feel confused on why I still would rate it a 3/10.

So without further ado, here is less complaining and more listing:

  • everyone’s favorite German is back in town!
  • a wedding reception with an elephant at it!
  • tomorrow I get to celebrate with friends at a baby shower!
  • I got to bake lots of fun things.  I won’t tell you what they are yet, but I will give you a clue with this photo of the cake pop graveyard: 
  • Friends and a fav movie on the rooftop of Solera
  • Cute babies and one year olds having birthdays
  • A beautiful night for Twins baseball (we will work on the inspirational athleticism for next time)
  • My car now accelerates (we are still working on the stopping part.  But really, brakes are overrated, yes?)
  • Future Target shopping trips
  • A dad who will fix my brakes and replace headlights
  • A mom who will be stranded in her home so I can borrow her car
  • A tall brother who can reach smoke detectors and lightbulbs (I promise I have really tall ceilings – I’m not just a wuss who won’t stand on a chair)
  • Cousins and aunts and free lunches and Twins tickets
  • Friends who care
  • Canoeing on Friday Funday
  • Actually getting my to do list completed with seven minutes to spare
  • The way the accidentally squirting glue in your hair really helps your bangs stay in place all day…
I have less than a week left of summer vacation.  I plan for it to be awesome.  Get excited.  (no, I don’t have any actual plans.  but I will think of something, and it will be great.)

One thought on “less complaining and more listing

  1. I’m so with you – this week was just brutal. I’ve definitely broken down into a pool of sobs in the Macy’s shoe department. Solidarity, sister.

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