How about some Quetzales?

My car and I are in a fight.  It thinks that it wants to be fixed, and I think that I want to have money in my bank account.  What a quandary.

In light of our argument, I have been brainstorming alternate payment ideas.  Here is what I have come up with.

  • I could bake cupcakes for the car repairmen every day for the next 20 years.
  • I could buy a llama and ride it to work each day.
  • in the same spirit, come winter, a horse drawn sleigh could be used.
  • I could quickly marry someone rich and be driven everywhere in a limo by my chauffeur.
  • A lemonade stand where I sell really expensive lemonade (I think I know some kids who could do some advertising for me).
  • I could sell all my headbands
  • I could record and sell CDs of ridiculous children’s songs that get stuck in your head for years (I’m pretty sure my family is still singing “Days of the Week”).
  • I could be a street performer with my piccolo and/or recorder.
  • Tap dance performer?
  • I could teach seminars about Canada Day and why it is awesome.
  • I could open my own marionette theater.
  • I could do dramatic readings of the phone book.

I can’t decide which path to go down, so in the meantime, I will be grateful that my awesome dad can help me with some repairs to save me a few dollars.

Oh look, my small stash of foreign currency!  No longer will I hold onto it to show the kiddos… I have a much better cause to put it towards now.

Excuse me kind sir, I thought I would offer you these Quetzales instead. They are much more colorful than American dollars. Don't you want the pretty money??


6 thoughts on “How about some Quetzales?

  1. oo! OO! Dramatic reading of the phone book please! I will pay you 10 Quetzales.
    Although, I need to find some Quetzales first. Maybe we need to rethink this…

  2. cars are sucky. we have two of the oldest cars on the planet, both of which we know are going to die forever at any moment…most likely when we are on the freeway during rush hour. i’m sorry yours is broken. lets hang out and bake cupcakes and eat them and not think about cars.

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