A Case Study in Fishing (or: why Dad won’t come in the boat with us)

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I am an expert fisherwoman.  I did however purchase my own fishing license this year, instead of waiting for my Dad to buy it for me, so I feel like I am moving up in the world of the great outdoors.  Perhaps someday I will even spend more time with my line in the water and less time with my camera in hand.  But that day is not today.

I am a serious fisherwoman. Clearly.

Today I went fishing with the siblings: David and a couple Rachels.  We were fishing for bass (I think.  I wouldn’t really know, as a 2 inch piece of seaweed was my biggest catch the morning).

the day's winning catch.

My favorite moment of fishing occurred right after Rachel caught this guy:  Other Rachel was using her new birthday fishing pole when she wanted to catch something too.  She didn’t want to be greedy and go for a fish, so she went for things like docks, boats, and reeds instead.

This is when 5 minutes of pandemonium ensued.  David steered, detangled, and wrestled with line like a champ.  Rachel assisted.  And other Rachel quietly caught a fish.  Excitement turned to joy turned to panic when it wanted to stay on her hook forever.  And me?  I could have offered to help.  But I think we are all glad that I chose to keep my camera in hand instead.  Please note that it is way too much work to get all these pictures in chronological order, where they would have been more hilarious.  But I think they are still worth the watch.  Note Rachel’s face as it changes from delight to disgust to concentration.  That is my favorite part. 

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One thought on “A Case Study in Fishing (or: why Dad won’t come in the boat with us)

  1. Since I don’t fish anymore, when we go out on the pontoon, I always end up being the Pike-wrangler since I have to hold the landing net. Oh, the trade-offs.

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