Why I love the drive to the lake…

I love the drive to the lake for many reasons.  One reason is that when the drive is over, we will be at the lake.  Another reason is I love a good sing-along road trip (clearly I rode up with my sister.  When I ride home with the ‘rents, I have a feeling there will be no Party in the USA…).  The best reason I love the drive up north is the sites out my window.

  1. The smiling inflatable sweet corn along the side of the road.  Is this really supposed to make we want to stop and buy your corn?  I guess I would be more willing to stop there than the place that had a giant sign in front of the field that just said, “young and tender” and then too far down the road they say, “sweet corn”.
  2. The smiling ice cream cone with antlers. Again, do the antlers really help drive in business?
  3. The sky was really interesting: puffy clouds in the distance; wispy clouds closer. So pretty! 
  4. The creepily shirtless Smokey the Bear keeping us up to date on the latest in fire danger (the risk is low today).  But seriously Smokey, why don’t you wear a shirt?
  5. In Deerwood, I like the statue of the deer jumping over a log.  Way to really represent your city well.  Even if I couldn’t read, I could figure out the name of your city just by looking at your art.
  6. In Crosby, I like the dragon sign.  Nothing says “central Minnesota” like a dragon. 
  7. Let’s not forget the Smile Center, a dental place that has a giant stone wall with a smiley face carved out of it.  I may have forgotten the name and said to my sister, “Oh, I think that the Friendly Dentists are ahead!”  And now I really wish that is what they were called.
  8. I also saw a HUGE satellite dish facing the road, painted yellow with a smiley face on it.
  9. Then there are all the hay bales artistically placed out in the center median.  What? 
  10. Let’s not forget about all the awesome street names, like “Tame Fish Road” and “Minnow Bucket Lane”
  11. Then there are the billboards.  My personal favorite was the one that informed me that there are, “Positive People Ahead!”
Then we arrived at the lake.  It made my heart so happy to think of all the relaxing, fishing, boating, laughing, scrabbling, and mocking to come this week.

One thought on “Why I love the drive to the lake…

  1. I LOVE driving up to the lake. For all that I refuse to operate a motor vehicle at all other times, I’ll gladly take the wheel when we’re going up to the cabin 🙂

    p.s. We need to discuss where your cabin is relative to my cabin. We might have to do a meet-up next summer 🙂

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