Friday FunDay Part 2

Welcome to another addition of Friday FunDay.  This episode is brought to you by the letter B and the number 2.  Why?  Because B is for Bicycle built for two, and 2 is the number of hours we spent lost and sad.  Well, I guess that might be a bit of an exaggeration.  We actually loved the first hour so much.  I will let you just read on to hear the rest.

For this edition of Friday FunDay, Rachel and I hit up Minnehaha Falls.  We packed picnic lunches to enjoy next to the sounds of rushing water.  Rachel packed a delicious looking feast, while I packed one of my more dodgy meals.  I had no groceries.  Getting to the grocery store before picnicking would have required me to get up so early.  I couldn’t be bothered with that.  So I brought celery and peanut butter for my main course.  Please note that I just brought the entire jar of peanut butter and a plastic knife.  My sides included: a container of hummus, the end of a bag of baby carrots, some delicious crackers for dipping in the hummus, and pudding.  The pudding was unrelated to hummus or crackers.  It was just in a small container perfect for packing in a bag lunch.  I also had a fruit strip from 2010.  

After this extravagant meal, we originally planned to walk around the falls on the trails in the park.  These plans changed when we saw these ridiculous bicycles things with a canopy and fringe on top.  We knew we needed to rent one.  This was never a question in our minds.  Just a fact.  The sign told us we were renting the bike for one hour, and extra time would be pro-rated.  Remember that information, as it will be important later.  

It all began so magical.  We pretended we were biking together in the 1920s in our dresses and parasols.  Such a lovely excursion.

Then things began to get a little confusing.  We began struggling with our map reading skills.  We were bewildered that we hadn’t come to the turn yet.  We had to switch spots so our arms would have equal opportunity for sunlight exposure.  As responsible girls who freckle and burn, we put on sunscreen, but we also didn’t want to be those girls who just have one tan arm because only one arm was in the sunlight while the other was hidden away under a fringed canopy in the 1920s.

After quite a bit of time had passed, we decided to check the time and consider turning around.  What?!  How have we already been biking for an hour?!  How can this be?  We biked in a straight line, no turning this way or that.  That means we are a full hour away from our starting point.  That means that we will have to pay for an entire extra hour of pedaling, and Minnehaha Falls will own all of our money, and probably our first born children too.

What is a girl to do?

We tried pedaling faster.  Turns out you can pedal as hard as you want, but you don’t go any faster in this bicycle contraption of death and lateness.

We considered turning in hopes of finding a shorter route.  We knew that could only end badly.

We were sad and hot and tired.  No strangers on their lightening fast real bikes offered to tow us in.  So we did what anyone would do.  We got out Rachel’s iphone, plugged in her headphones, and listened to a country mix on pandora, each with one ear bud.  We talked to the songs about how our desperate situation are so similar to the lyrics.  We could really relate to all the heartache and struggles in life that country artists love to sing about.  It gave us the will to pedal on.

We prayed they wouldn’t charge us for the extra time.  And they graciously did not.  Christmas miracle!

We eventually made it back, returned our surrey, and felt happy again.  

Our advice: It is a lovely experience for the first hour.  When in doubt, turn sooner rather than later.  Share headphones.  Don’t get lost.  Follow our advice and you are bound to have the best of times.

Then we went to the parking lot, witnessed a potentially violent situation, called 911, and went home.

While it was touch and go there for a while, in the end, we loved Friday FunDay 2, and we even learned some valuable lessons.


2 thoughts on “Friday FunDay Part 2

  1. I think my least favorite most memorable moment of that day was the fit old man who asked us if we had “peddled that all the way up from the falls.” It was maybe the most discouraging comment I have ever heard in my life.

    • I know, I was filled with such despair. ALL the way from the falls?? I thought we had made progress towards our return… 😦

      But I did like how he was so proud of us. He was truly impressed with our pedaling efforts. If only he knew it wasn’t intentional…

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