Avoid Eye Contact

Raise your hand if you LOVED getting new school supplies as a child. (both of mine are up, as well as my big toe)  I STILL love school supplies.  (Which reminds me I need to place my order for kindergarten next year).  What I don’t love is that the school supplies section was out at Target in July.  Slow down, target!  Let us enjoy summer!  I went out of my way to avoid walking near that section.  Since it is now August, it is a little bit more okay that they have all the notebooks, loose leaf paper, markers, crayons, glue sticks, folders, scissors, calculators, so many pretty things out.  But it is still too early for me.  I have a few weeks of leisure left, so I am avoiding making eye contact with the school supplies, even though deep down I do love them dearly.

What I am okay with though, is this Target commercial.  I saw it at my parents house and clapped my hands with delight.  Maybe this teacher reminds me a little bit too much of myself…? 


One thought on “Avoid Eye Contact

  1. I swear. I still love school supplies and I have nothing to do with school at all. But it really freaked me out when KARE 11 was discussing how to get the best July deals in…June. Horror.

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