Friday Funday part 1

My friend Rachel doesn’t work on Fridays, and since it is summer, neither do I!  We have dubbed Fridays: Friday Funday, and we think of ways to have fun on Fridays.  Oh, and then we have the fun.  It would be a little lame to just stop at the thinking.

We are two weeks in and are looking forward to this coming Friday when we fulfill our 2-year-old dream to go horseback riding together.  It will probably be magical.  But we can’t just jump right into that.  We need to start at the beginning, because it’s a very good place to start.

Two Fridays ago, we spontaneously began our tradition with a boatload of Friday fun.  (This is literal.  We were in a boat).

Rachel had a fancy t-shirt coupon for a free salad at Noodles, so we split a delicious summer salad and our mutual favorite: Pasta Fresca.  Over lunch she regaled me with tales of the cell phone mafia.

Then we decided to hit up the Container Store.  I have seen this store on the horizon for years and always dreamt of going.  I love containers so much.  Probably too much.  And I probably should be a much more organized person for how much I like them.  This store was a little slice of organizational heaven.  I spent my first trip just taking in all the sights.

if you look carefully, you can see the sparkly green paddleboat-ness

After this,  we spontaneously rented a sparkly green paddleboat, and sailed the high seas (or peddled our way at a slow, but reasonable pace, around the tiny chain of ponds).  I enjoyed the warnings posted on the boat to peddle slow as your legs may grow weary.  We also enjoyed watching a group of pre-teens rock their boat as much as possible while drenching themselves under the fountain.

maze winner!

After our paddleboating excursion ended, we wound our way through the landscaped maze.  You’d think that with all my hedgemaze experience that I would have been a natural.  I was not.  But I did eventually catch up with the mazing-expert.

never give up! never surrender.

Then came the most magical part of our afternoon.  We sat and chatted in Adirondack  chairs, next to a pretty garden, under a weeping willow tree.  I could have sat there forever.  I want to go back and sit there again.  Who wants to go with me?  It is like sitting in a fairy tale.


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