It’s not purple, but it’s still pretty delish

When I was in Okinawa, my friend Amanda, who is a full time missionary over there with her adorable family, introduced me to Ube ice cream.  Okinawans love their sweet potato -but it is an awesome purple sweet potato – different than a Minnesota sweet potato (which I currently can’t decided if I have ever tried.  I think maybe I have?  Anyways, I digress.)  Ube Ice Cream is Japanese Sweet Potato ice cream.  It is delicious, and surprisingly enough is best compared to Cold Stone’s Cake Batter ice cream.

purple ube ice cream!

 While I would prefer to just fly back to Okinawa and, among other things enjoy some Ube Ice Cream, it isn’t so much an option.  So, I did the next best thing, and made some cake batter ice cream at home.

I always forget I have an ice cream maker.  I should really work on remembering that, because it is always so tasty when I think to use it.  This week I decided to pull it out and let the good times roll.  I used this recipe from  To make it, I even got a candy thermometer! (now I won’t just ignore all recipes that include a temperature)  It was pretty simple and painless.  The only pain is patience.  Because I like to do things at the last minute, and because I am not always the most patient person, I definitely served it to company while it was still a bit on soupy side of soft serve consistency.  It was still delicious, but it was WAY better today after it was given some time to freeze.  Sorry about that, Kari!  Thanks for still eating it!  And thanks for your suggestion to mix in Twix.  It was for sure the right choice.

I followed the suggestion of the first comment on the recipe, and added one cup of yellow cake mix, rather than 3/4 C of white cake mix.  Other than that I followed the recipe as shown!  

When I was trying to decide what ice cream to make, I got a lot of great flavor suggestions from friends.  Their list included:

  1. Amaretto Almondclick here for the recipe.  It comes tested and approved by my amazing baker-aunt, so even though I don’t really know what the taste of amaretto is, I’m sure it is great!
  2. Salted Caramel with Chocolate – yum.
  3. Chocolate and bacon – this scares me a bit, but I think if someone else made it, I would be a risk taker and try it.
  4. Octopus Ice Cream – ok, if the bacon ice cream scared me a little, this scares me a lot.  I think if I’m going with Japanese flavors, I’ll stick to my ube 😉
  5. Mint Oreo – delish!
  6. Mint Choc Chip – my all time favorite
  7. Chocolate covered strawberry – sounds amazing.  and fancy! 

And of course, I will share my valuable kitchen insights with you.

Insight 1: Freeze the bowl for the ice cream maker.  I did not do this last time I wanted to make ice cream and it was sad.  Things are much happier when you are like a boyscout: always prepared.

Insight 2: Stir everywhere, even next to your clip-on thermometer.  Otherwise you may have the beginnings of a cake baking in the corner of your saucepan.

Insight 3: Use your ice cream maker more than once in a blue moon.

Insight 4: Even though cake batter ice cream is not purple, it is still pretty delish

Let me know if you have any more flavor suggestions, or if you have a great recipe for me!