Strawberries Part 2: if only these umbrellas were bigger

In the spirit of warming houses, specifically once again my brother and sister-in-law’s new home, I woke up one morning, just before their party, and thought to myself, “I could bake some cupcakes”.  So I did.

I emailed Rachel a couple options that sounded good to me, and she picked Strawberry Lemonade cupcakes.  She chose well. 

Not only were they so fresh and delicious and light tasting, they also gave me the perfect opportunity to use these darling cupcake liners I got for my birthday. AND they went well with my unintentional, yet awesome, strawberry theme of the week.

My roommate is my unofficial taste-tester, and she said these are her favorite cupcakes I’ve made yet.  Think of summer.  That is what these cupcakes taste like.  

They are a lemon cupcake with fresh cut up strawberries folded into the batter.  After you bake these cupcakes, you poke holes in them and drizzle a little lemonade syrup onto the cake.  This ensures a perfectly moist cake with a perfectly sweet lemon taste.  The frosting is a strawberry cream cheese frosting. Speaking of the frosting, I had tons left over, so this afternoon I spread it on cinnamon graham crackers for a little snack.  Delish.

Apparently my new thing is making half the recipe normal cupcakes and half the recipe as mini cupcakes.  Sometimes a whole cupcake is just a big commitment, you know?  And the mini ones are so darn cute.  

I topped these guys with lemon slices and tiny umbrellas.  When I arrived at the housewarming party, arms loaded down with cupcake carriers, I was a bit sad at the small size of the umbrella decorations, because it had just started raining.  So many umbrellas so close, yet so unusable to protect me from the rain. 

I would highly recommend these cupcakes.  Not only are they adorable, but they were delicious.  I have one left sitting in my fridge.  Feel free to come over and eat it!  As usual, my recipe comes from the cupcake queen at Annie’s Eats.  Click here for the recipe.

They are so good that some friends took a bite, then decided that I will someday be that mom on the block who all the neighborhood kids want to come hang out at my house.  I can’t wait!

2 thoughts on “Strawberries Part 2: if only these umbrellas were bigger

  1. My kids are definitely hanging out at your house. But only if we can have baking playdates while this is happening. Lord, almighty! They look absolutely beautiful!

    • Absolutely. Baking playdates while our children of course play calmly and peacefully in the other room. That’s what kids do, right? It will be perfect.

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