Strawberries Part 1: the world is amazing

My brother and sister-in-law had a housewarming party this past weekend, and to help with the warming of their house, I baked a couple of treats.  Apparently I really think that strawberries=summer, because that was the theme of my baking efforts.

Item Number 1: Cake Pops!  

I hadn’t ever made cake pops before, but I have made cupcake bites, which are like cake pops, but you use a mold and no stick.  Either way, the credit is due for both recipes to Bakerella.

Because I have nothing better to do with my time this summer, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test the Cake Pop Waters.  This inkling was confirmed when I was flipping through Bakerella’s Cake Pops book at Target, and saw her idea for these cute strawberry cake pops.  They seemed pretty simple in comparison to some of her more intricately creative ideas, so I said to myself, “remember that” and I did.  

While this delicious project did take most of the day, it was pretty simple work.  In fact, it was a lot easier than I was anticipating.  Here are some tips:

  • When you are putting the stick into the strawberry, make sure you poke it into the tiny end of the strawberry shape.  Otherwise you will dip it in the melting chocolate, set it up to cool, go to add the green leaves to the top of it, and be really confused that the leaves don’t fit on anywhere, because your strawberry is upside down.
  • If you are using a marker to draw the dots, use one with edible ink, not a sharpie (I did not make this mistake, but people seemed concerned that I had done this).  Also, if at first the ink doesn’t flow from the tip of your marker, try scribbling on a paper towel until it comes out nicely.  Don’t just try and use the sides of the marker instead because that will add 5 years to the project length, and not look as great.  Although, let’s be honest.  If you draw dots on your baked goods – people aren’t judging the quality of the dot, they are just impressed you drew the dots at all.
  • If you are thinking of throwing a couple in a ziplock and putting this ziplock into your purse to bring them to the Twins game, think again.  Or at least think to yourself, “I should be careful with these, because if I just shove them in, they will probably break apart under the pressure and I will be forced to eat ugly little chunks of deliciousness out of a baggie in a public setting” 

The cake pops got rave reviews.  People said things like, “Yum!”  “These are delicious!”  “How did I already finish it?  I thought I had another bite!” and “How many can I eat in one sitting?”

In fact, these cake pops turned into my first baked good item that I’ve ever sold.  I am really moving up in the world of baking. I shared some with my friends at their garage sale, and my four favorite children enjoyed them so much they decided to pay me for the delicious treats.  They paid me out of their lemonade stand money, of which the profits were being carefully counted and tabulated throughout the day to earn enough money for a toy.  Keep your eye on the prize, kids!  I credit their lemonade stand success to their sweet advertising.  Their signs said things like, “Lemonade” and “The world is amazing”.  Yes, the world is amazing.  Someday when I have a bakery, that will for sure be my slogan. (I hope they didn’t copyright it)

Now I need to go decide how to spend my 20 cents!

6 thoughts on “Strawberries Part 1: the world is amazing

  1. It never would have occurred to me to use a permanent marker if I didn’t have edible ink. Go figure, right? Those look absolutely beautiful!

    • Ok, maybe people only thought I used Sharpie because that is what I told them I used… in a blonde, “oops!” sort of way. Then after their momentary panic, I recanted and told the edible truth.

  2. I take credit for the response “how many of these can I eat in one sitting?”. And we agreed the answer to that is seven. Eight if you are having a bad day.

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