Upon my return

Back in the States, I’ve been busy living life and doing nothing (or wading through thousands of pictures) since our return.  Now that the stories have been told and pictures have been shared, we can all move on to bigger and better things (or small and more normal-to-life things).  Some things you can look forward to hearing about include: surviving in extreme heat, paddleboats and unicorns, baking adventures, stormy fireworks, and today: brunch at one of my favorite places.

Today Tiffany and I went to brunch at the Bad Waitress.  If you have never been, I will shed a single tear on your behalf.  It is just that good.  My personal favorite beverage there is the Spyhouse Caramella.  Maybe I have told you that before.  I just can’t stop talking about it, because it just tastes so good.  Today I branched out and tried something new to eat.  I didn’t regret it.  SO tasty.  But that isn’t even the most exciting part about brunch.  The excitingness is two-fold.

A)  The walls are like garage doors that open up the restaurant into semi-outdoor seating everywhere!  Magic!  We sat outside, but couldn’t stop staring in at the lack of a wall.

B)  The people watching was phenomenal.  Here are our three highlights:

  • There was a guy who stood behind me, dancing oddly, in attempts to distract Tiffany from our conversation.  We did in fact watch him continue this behavior by several other tables and in the street.
  • Across the street work was being done in a building that will someday be a Dunn Bros.  We watched this family that looked like they were moving their son into his dorm, rather than professionally moving counters into a coffee shop.  They carried and carted countertops and cupboards.  We cheered them on when it seemed like they might get stuck, and told them to pivot.
  • Two elderly gentlemen walked by us, and both smiled at us, commenting as they walked past.  I don’t remember what the first man said, but the second one said, “So… this is where all the beautiful people hang out.”  Afterwards I asked Tiffany why guys our own age never say things like that to us.  She reminded me that perhaps then we wouldn’t just smile and laugh in response, but rather would think the strangers were a bit on the sleazy side. Yes, I suppose that is probably true.
p.s.  I know I said at the beginning there would be stories of unicorns to come.  That was a bit of a lie.  I just wanted to keep you interested.

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