A bit of culture. A bit of regret. A bit of wonder.

We had a couple of cultural/theater experiences planned for the Prague segment of our trip.  We would have liked to experience more culture in Vienna as well, but as I’ve said, all the talent was on holiday while we were in Vienna.

We were quite excited for the Black Light Theater.  It seemed to be a theater experience unique to where we were traveling, and different from anything we’d seen before.  It sounded so excited: black lights, puppetry, dancing, acrobatics, video imagery.  And I guess it did include those things, but not in a “wow, what a visual treat for my eyes” sort of way, but rather in a poorly done high school theater trying to be artsy sort of way.  (enphasis on the poorly done of the high school theater genre.  I’ve seen some great high school theater productions.  This just would not even qualify for that sort of rating).  I found this video online.  If only we’d watched that prior to our ticket purchase. 

And this was before the baffling partial nudity in the second act, which left everyone confused, and probably wishing they’d left at intermission (at least that is what we wished).  Seriously Alice, put your shirt back on.  What the heck.

Here is the “before” and “after” of our experience.

Before: our eyes are full of promise

After: what the heck??!? make it stop.

The next night was a much, MUCH, more enjoyable cultural experience.  We went to the ballet!  The Best of Swan Lake was wonderful and beautiful, and captivating, and all we could have hoped for.  We never fancied ourselves as the ballet-attending type of girls.  Apparently we are?  We would gladly go again.  It was the abridged version – under 2 hours – and we wished it had gone on so much longer.  Beautiful.  We loved it.  When can we go again?

Before AND After: loving it

One thought on “A bit of culture. A bit of regret. A bit of wonder.

  1. Oh my goodness…that video. Wow. But not in a good way. I was really creeped out by that.

    SOOO glad you enjoyed the ballet! And it looks like you had great seats too! Do you know which ballet you saw?

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