Wienerschnitzel under a Ferris Wheel

Rachel and I were at the hotel attempting to recover from all the horrible heat along the Danube, and we needed to find some dinner.  I approached her saying, “You can say no, because I know we are tired, but…” and her response was, “Oh no…”

but turns out my idea was genius, and she thought so too.  We took the U-Bahn just a few stops away to Prater amusement park, home of the Riesenrad, the world’s oldest(?) ferris wheel.  I had also read that there were lots of food options in the area, so we kept that in mind as well.  We went on the ferris wheel and enjoyed the views of the city as it neared sunset.  I was surprised that there were little cabins you rode in, not little seats.

Wiener Riesenrad and the yellow umbrella restaurant below where we ate dinner

Then we ended up eating dinner at the restaurant below the ferris wheel, because they served a reasonably priced Wienerschnitzel, which was on our list of culinary Vienna goals.  I had intentionally not eating Wienerschnitzel in Salzburg, because I wanted to save my first experience for in Wien (Vienna) having just days ago made the connection between WIEN and WIENerschnitzel.  Upon looking at the menu, I saw that it was translated into both English and Spanish.  I also saw that in Spanish it is called Milanese, which was one of the delicious things I’d eaten in Buenos Aires, under the guidance of Miranda.  I loved it there, so I was excited to eat it again, this time in Vienna, but I also was amused that I had been so intentional about not eating it previously on our trip so my first experience would be in its home, but then to realize my first experience was a world way, in Argentina.

It was a delicious meal, accompanied by a delicious wine from the Wachau Valley, which we had just lazily drifted through earlier in the day.  Here I am, the picture of class: Wine and Wienerschnitzel under a Ferris Wheel.  


2 thoughts on “Wienerschnitzel under a Ferris Wheel

  1. Oh my goodness! that is the Ferris Wheel that the amazing race contestants rode on this season! they had to eat a whole plate of wienerschnitzel while it made one complete rotation or something like that….it is like you were in the Amazing Race!!!!

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