Yes I am home and Yes the tales of adventure will continue…

While it may not appear so according to my upcoming blog posts, I am in fact once again at home, stateside.  I kept trying to convince Rachel we should fly to Copenhagen, our true homeland, but she did not fall for it.  (a shopkeeper asked if we were from Denmark at one point on our trip.  We confessed we were not, but secretly I was proud of the 2% of me that is Danish for shining through).

I thought I would use this post to take care of a bit of business.  First of all, in my jet-lagged stupor 13 days ago, I promised to tell tales of our favorite government official in Munich, but then ended up doing all sorts of traveling and sight-seeing things, and never got round to telling tales.  Let me fix that now:

So we are going through customs and immigration in Germany, as one does when arriving in a foreign country, and we picked a line at random.  We soon became quite amused with the interactions of the official working the adjacent line with the travelers going through.  Usually they are no nonsense and perhaps even a little intimidating in their seriousness.  This guy, while I’m sure he does his job well, was neither stoic, nor intimidating.

One girl seemed a bit confused about European geography, including where she was and where she was going exactly.  So naturally, if I were about to stamp her passport for entry, I would do as this officer did, and begin quizzing her about geography and cracking myself up as I did it.  She failed the quiz in not knowing the capital of Germany.  (At which point I began quizzing myself on capitals and cities I would be visiting so I would be prepared and not laughed at.)

We were even more amused by the next person to go through his line.  Here is there exchange:

Officer: Where are you going to be traveling while in Europe?

Tourist: Munich and ….

Officer: Munich and…?

Tourist:  Munich and Munich.

Officer:  [smirks] Two Munichs??

Tourist:  [gaining confidence] Yes.

Officer: For TWO weeks?  [eyebrows raised skeptically] Where else are you going?

Tourst:  [pause while thinks] Munich and Portugal

Officer’s face full of disbelief and amusement stamps her passport and off she goes.

As you can imagine, we were slightly saddened to not be in his line, because he was so jovial, but also slightly relieved in case we were asked a tricky question (although let’s be honest, his questions were straight forward and not at all tricksy)

Now, I know that some of you (mom) were a bit sad to not get the play by play each day of our trip.  But trust me when I tell you that we packed so much into our days, that the blog posts would have been 2 miles long and you would have lost interest long ago.

Plus by the time we got home at night, I didn’t have the energy/mental capacity to write anything quality, and go through all the pictures from the day in close detail to pick out the best representatives of our day.

So I carried around a little notebook (my sister called in my Harriet the Spy notebook) and while were had downtime I jotted down all the funny experiences or neat things we did so I would remember to tell you all about them.  (think of it as the abridged version of keeping a journal or diary.  Rachel will attest to the fact that I could not be bothered by full sentences, legible handwriting, or writing on the lines.)  And then I took advantage of our cross country train rides to type up our adventures.  As a result, I have tales of travel in queue, waiting to be shared with you.

So get excited, because I’m back in town and we can be friends, yet you can still continue hearing of Europe and seeing pictures of all the pretty places we went: the best of both worlds.  It will be great!


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