Breakfast of Champions

So, like I said yesterday, we were deprived of dinner last night, and we went to bed hungry and sad – I mean, there are only so many granola bars a person can eat trying to keep hunger away.  Well, today made it all worth it.

Our little breakfast nook...

This morning when we got up, we headed over to the Schloss (palace) and headed for the Venetian Mirror Room which was used in the Sound of Music.  Unfortunately, they were cleaning in there, so we had our breakfast in a different, equally magnificent ballroom.  There were high ceilings, huge windows looking out toward the lake and mountains, and a breakfast spread like I’ve never seen.

the spread

breakfast, lunch, and dinner

There were breads and hard rolls, cold cut meats, and cheeses, veggies and fancy cheese spread, fresh fruit, dried fruit, yogurt, nutella, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, and a variety of juices and coffee.  Did I mention the coffee had real sugar cubes to drop in?  No packets of sugar here!  I loaded up my plate like I had never eaten before.  (Mind you, this is also my lunch you are looking at).  Rachel told me she would cut me off if I tried to go back for anything else.  Is it my fault that we hadn’t eaten since our pilfered sandwiches for an early lunch yesterday?  Or that it all looks so scrumptious?  Or that we were getting on a train and there was no way to know where we would find our next meal in our new city?

After eating at our fancy table, we took the opportunity to poke around and see more rooms in the castle.  We LOVED the library.  It was filled with old books and tiny spiral staircases that led to the balcony, filled with even more books.  I updated my blog, and then we continued on our way.

oh, just doing a little blogging (now you see why my posts are not up to date with our current day of travel... it is easy to get behind when you blog on a typewriter)

At one point, Rachel pretty much had to drag me away from the Castle grounds because I couldn’t stop looking at it or snapping pictures of it.  Prettiest place ever.  I could just sit for hours taking it all in.  Of course, I didn’t.  I took it in for maximum 15 minutes, because it is time to call a taxi so we can get on a train to Vienna: destination 2.5 of our trip (the .5 is for Munich, because we were barely there).

I held on tightly to the horse statue while Rachel tried to drag me away from the beautiful grounds. Then she reminded me Vienna was waiting for us, and I went willingly...