High on a hill was a lonely goatherd

When I watched the Sound of Music in the past, I always found the Marionette scene rather random.  However, as it turns out, this area of the world is known for their Marionette Theaters, and the one in Salzburg is apparently the best in the world.  So obviously we deemed it necessary to attend a show there. 

I had no idea what to expect, but knew it would be fairly ridiculous.  The theater itself was very small (but still ornate and old) and had a cute little stage area up front.  Every moment of the show was delightful… and a bit bizarre, but in the most engaging way possible.

Picture puppets of all the Von Trapp characters swooping through the air, jumping and frolicking, and overacting (as you can imagine a puppet must do in order to convey emotion) all while speeding through a slightly abridged version of Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical. 

Now add in a life size character of Mother Superior at the Abbey, who looks like she could squash a marionette at will because she is so giant in comparison, but even though she is a real person, she doesn’t actual speak her own lines, and moves her hands as if she were a puppet.  Totally weirded me out.

a little hard to see, i hope this doesn't hurt your eyes. But you can kind of make out the giant Mother Superior on the right...

The only thing were a bit sad about is that they didn’t do the Lonely Goatherd song from the original production.  Because what could be better than marionettes putting on a marionette show?  But wait!  Don’t be alarmed!  The show concluded with a curtain call of that song, showing the hands of the puppeteers controlling their marionettes dancing and singing that song.  Yes, our marionette dreams have been fulfilled.

I would definitely recommend this show to a friend.

And don’t even worry – since the original production was in English, this version is as well.

Rachel suspiciously eating trail mix in the back. This is what we are reduced to when dinner catastrophe strikes.

p.s.   i promise that tomorrow soon you will get to start hearing about Vienna… being that we are now officially in Prague.  I just have so much to tell you!

SInce I don't get to teach summer school, I have decided to try my hand at being a puppet for my summer job.


2 thoughts on “High on a hill was a lonely goatherd

  1. Oh lord…between the eggs and the secret potato salad under everything, the Europeans in Austria/Germany really have the situation on lockdown, don’t they?

    Also, re: Glockenspiels and Marionettes, how on earth did we manage to avoid importing these two cultural treasures into the US.

    p.s. Is the Women’s World Cup going on? We were there for the Men’s and it was INSANE – I hope that there’s an ample amount of festivity taking place!

    • oh yes, secret potato salad under everything! It has been a whole day since I have found that on my plate – how quickly I forget…

      The Women’s World Cup IS going on, but I think in Munich was the only place we’ve seen any signs of it. But let’s be honest, in Salzburg, things are too focused on the Sound of Music and Salt Mines, and Vienna was so big we focused on the inner ring with all the old and beautiful buildings (aka tourist musts) so we may not have been in the right places.

      And there are a TON of Marionette shops in Prague that look a bit creepy. Perhaps I should invest in some and start the US movement toward this art form… 🙂

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