Touring the Sounds of Music.

The day started out in the best way possible.  We got ready to the Sound of Music Soundtrack, then headed downstairs to the breakfast room, where the most delicious traditional German breakfast buffet awaited us.  We feasted on hard rolls with jam and with nutella, hard boiled eggs nestled in their special hard boiled egg plates, and juice.  Tomorrow we will take advantage of the meat and cheese options to pack a lunch to go 🙂  We braved the incredibly fancy coffee machine, and came out caffeinated winners.

Then we awkwardly sat on the curb while waiting for our tour guide to pick us up.  He was a chatty fellow, full of historical information.  He really liked talking about various arch bishops and their girlyfriends, and didn’t as much like talking about the Sound of Music.  Thankfully we’d read a lot in the tour books, so we were still able to fully appreciate all the moments of the day.

So, without further ado, I present to you:

The Sound of Music Tour of Salzburg

At the beginning of the movie, Maria is spinning around on a meadow that we drove past, but did not get to stop and take a picture of.  It was lovely, and quite a ways up on the mountainside.

Then she is at this abbey with the little red top: (In real life though, she was a school teacher.  We have a lot in common). 

Then she is off to the Von Trapp family home.  She has confidence while she walks past this fountain, and the next fountain, and this other fountain, and the down a row of trees to the front facade of the house. 

During family dinner, Liesl sneaks away to be with Rolf and they frolic in this gazebo.  Maria and the Captain later kiss here.  In the movie it is on their backyard property.  In reality it is at Hellbrunn Palace, quite a ways away. 

Later, the Captain heads to Vienna and Maria teaches the children to sing in the aforementioned meadow, they cross a bridge to Mirabell Gardens, where they skip through this tunnel, dance around this fountain, and jump and sing on these steps. 

Captain Von Trapp and the Baroness arrive home just in time to see them fall out of the canoe in back of the family home. 

Soon the Captain and Maria gaze into one another’s eyes while dancing and realize they are in love.  Goodbye Baroness, hello wedding.  At this church.  Down this aisle.  (I may have quietly song How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria while walking slowly and bride-like down this aisle) 

The family then escapes by pushing their car out the front drive, performing at the theater, and then climbing every mountain.  Or more specifically, this mountain.  Which is also interesting because in the movie this mountain leads to Switzerland.  Look at a map.  Yep – geographically not happening.  This mountain actually leads to Germany, so I’m glad that they didn’t actually escape that way in real life.  In real life, their home was on the other end of Salzburg and there was a train station in back of it that they escaped via train. 

The End!  It is like you were here with me to experience it all!  Fun!

4 thoughts on “Touring the Sounds of Music.

  1. Lady, I have been LOVING your posts and pictures while you’re away! They totally bring me back.

    p.s. German breakfast with the whole unholy array of meats, cheeses, eggs, etc. is my favorite thing ever. My parents still create one in the porch or the backyard from time to time so we can all partake. Cathartic stuff, really.

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