Raindrops on Roses

You may think I titled this in efforts of preparation for the Sound of Music extravaganza tomorrow, but today we literally saw raindrops on roses as we meandered through the Mirabell Gardens on a day spotted with sprinkles. 

Let me share some highs and lows of our day:

Train Low: Crazy lady and confused people who were in the wrong seats and we had a perfect storm of 3 languages represented, several travelers just picking and choosing seats, and a lot of confusion.

Train High: First glimpse of mountains!  Farms in the foreground, complete with horses, cows, and cute little black goats; purple shadows of mountains in the background.  It warmed my heart.  And made me think of the story of Heidi.

Arrival in Salzburg High: seeing creepy ice cream baby’s twin on our bus ride to our hotel (you might remember the original creepy ice cream baby from our Vancouver pictures).  We clapped in delight!  (in our hearts we did this.  We did not want judgement from our fellow passengers)

Arrival in Salzburg Low: No one being at our hotel when we arrived for check-in. But then the lady came, and we want to be her friend.  We taught her the word Funicular (which we only know from our travel books)

Hohensalzburg Fortress Low:  Getting (figuratively) trapped in a museum of things we didn’t really care about.  “Let us out!  We just want to wander the fortress grounds, not see stick men suspended with weapons.”

Hohensalzburg Fortress High:  The view.  It was amazing. 

Mirabell Gardens High: How can I list them all?  It was beautifully sculpted with flowers and trees and fountains.  We even took our picture with a unicorn!  Which afterwards we realized was the Do Re Mi steps from the Sound of Music!  So great!!

Mirabell Gardens Low: It started to rain.  For a long time though it was just sprinkling, so we sat on a bench under our umbrellas, enjoying a lovely afternoon of reading in the garden.

Mirabell Gardens. Beauty.

Now we are watching a refresher on the Sound of Music so we can appreciate tomorrow to it’s fullest.


2 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses

  1. I went to Salzburg once too, and I’m thinking maybe we ran into the same crazy train lady? The one I was sitting next to pulled out her dentures and liked some food off of them.
    Some things you can’t un-see.

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