I think I’ll go walk a pony…

I think I’ll go walk a pony, and other thoughts I have while jet lagged.

I believe this is meant to be a sign showing an oddly shaped man using caution on the stairs.  However, I like to think that it is a jetlagged traveler stumbling down the street about to collapse into his hotel bed.  At least that is how I related to the picture. 

Today’s game was called STAY AWAKE!  I slept reasonably well on the plane, and just like last time, my travel companion wanted to know how I did it.  Two words: Tylenol PM and and eye mask so I couldn’t see the light.  Ok, that was a lot of words, but hey, I am jet lagged.  Counting is hard.

Today we met up with Rachel, my college roommate from junior year.  She teaches at an IB school in Augsburg, so she rode the train in to dine at Dean and David’s with us, which serves delicious wraps, salads, and sandwiches.  And they serve chocolate muffins with nutella inside.  Yum.  We may have shared one for dessert. 

I saw the things I needed to in Munich: the glockenspiel at  the Rathaus and the Frauenkirche.  Rachel tells us these buildings were not harmed during WWII because the Allies used them as landmarks to find other places in the city to bomb.  (She went on a free tour a while back so she had some interesting tidbits to share).

Rathaus at Marianplatz


Rachel headed back to Augsburg and sister-Rachel and I meandered the city, knowing that if we went home, we would go to sleep, and that would be bad news bears.  We stumbled upon a lovely little park, took in the sights and smells of the market, and then ate giant pretzels and fruit in the English Gardens by our hotel for dinner.  We have now made it to 8pm, so I feel like we could go to sleep at any point and consider our day a success.

Hidden surprise we stumbled upon. "How did we not plan to see this? We love places like this!"

The soundtrack of our day included a cello quartet on the street near the market, the booming base of the vegan-fest at Marienplatz, and a traditional German brass band playing from a Chinese Tower at the beer garden near where we at our dinner.  And of course, the caw of German crows.  I had missed seeing the crows creepily swoop over my head at church, so they made me feel right at home in the garden.

Crows. Blech.

Munich has treated us well, but I am excited to head out to Austria tomorrow.

Because it is taking every fiber in my body to write (hopefully) coherent sentences, I will now give up, and leave you with some pictures from my day.

inside of Frauenkirche

Stained glass in Frauenkirche

I traveled back in time to take this picture for you, showing how people ride bikes everywhere today, just like in the days of yore.

Outdoor Market Area: Viktualiaenmarkt

oh look, the hotel left us a little snack for when we got back from our adventures! Thanks, hotel. We will always remember your kindness.

Pretzel, fruit, and fanta. Dinner.

Yep, new favorite picture in life.

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