Shipping woes

I have purchased a few items online of late.  And while most of them are success stories, I do have two complaints I would like to lodge.

Complaint 1: When we bought the rail passes for the Central Europe Triangle (not to be confused with the Bermuda triangle), it said NUMEROUS times, “you will be required to sign for these” and even strongly suggested having them delivered to your place of employment to ensure you will be able to sign for them.  I thought, “Wow!  Thanks for telling me all this at the beginning of the purchasing process and not after I’ve already confirmed my order.  Good job!”  So on the day they were meant to be delivered, I stayed at home all day, even as my cousins we waiting for me for pedicures, and had Molly and Andy come have coffee at my house instead of meeting in a centrally located Caribou.  Then, just when it seemed the tickets would never come, they came, but the delivery man opened the door, set the tickets inside, and ran for the hills.  He didn’t even ring the doorbell!  Definitely didn’t get a signature.  I missed out on family bonding for that??

Complaint 2: I ordered some shoes that would be cute yet great for walking.  Ideal for vacay.  They didn’t carry the color I wanted in stores in my neighborhood, so to the internets I went.  I ordered them many weeks ago.  They were shipping 2 weeks ago.  I thought, “where are my shoes?” and I went online to check their tracking status, and word on the street is they were delivered on Saturday at 12:30.  What.  The.  Heck.  I still ask, “Where are my shoes?”

Thank you for letting me voice my concerns.

And now, as a thank you gift, please watch this.  My co-worker sent me the link to it, and it was delightfully funny. (although be warned if you have children in the room, there is the tiniest amount of bleeped out language at the very end.)


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