Cherry Coke Float Cupcakes

Kari came over to bake with me!  Sometimes I decide what to bake based solely on how adorable the finished product has the potential to be.  Although, I do require that the cupcake at least have the potential to be tasty too.

Our goal: 

Turn this 

Into THIS 

Did we succeed?  Considering that is a pic of our finished product, I would probably say yes.

These adorable cupcakes were pretty much exactly as I expected.  I mean, I knew they’d be at worst, decently tasty, and at best, light and delicious.  As Kari and I discussed, Annie wouldn’t steer us wrong.

They were a great summer cupcake.  Chocolate, yum, but also light and airy.  There is coca-cola in the batter, and while they don’t taste overwhelmingly coke-y, the carbonated beverage and whipped cream frosting causes a light and delicious chocolate, cherry, coke, cupcake medley in your mouth.  As you can expect when Kari and I bake together, there are hidden edible treats inside.  Normally I am not a huge fan of the maraschino cherry, but hiding inside this cupcake, it works.  

If you want to make this tasty treat, click here for the recipe, and then read further for a few words of caution.

First cautionary advice: sometimes grocery shopping can be a bit tricky.  I like to shop at Target, but sometimes they don’t carry things I need.  I’ve run into this situation just a handful of times, once for black eyed peas, once for something I can’t remember, but it was very necessary at the time, and most recently, I couldn’t locate buttermilk.  I thought I was being a foolish shopper, but my wise roommate checked all the same places I did, to no avail.  

Second cautionary advice: you should not lock your keys in your car.  Otherwise when it is time to go home, it will be difficult at best.  You might think, “I will save time because when I’m ready to go, my keys will already be in my car.”  But I can almost guarantee that this will not work out the way you think it will.  

Third cautionary advice: When you are putting the coca-cola glaze on the cupcake before whipping up some frosting, don’t go crazy.  You see that cupcake in the bottom left?  That is the ideal you should strive for.  You see all the other ones dripping glaze everywhere?  That is what happens when you don’t try.  So go ahead and actually try.  Or just walk away and have your more skilled friend do the glazing while you do things like take more cupcakes out of the oven.  

Fourth cautionary advice: mini cupcakes are fun.  I think I actually like this recipe better as a mini.  The internets told me that you will probably bake your mini cupcake for 5-7 minutes less than your regulation sized cupcake.  This proved to be true for me as well.  Lesson learned: believe everything you read on the internet.  

You are ready.  That is all the wisdom I’d like to impart to you today.  Go eat a cupcake, and think of me 🙂 


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