Family Weddings: the best weddings

I do love a good wedding, and I must admit I’m a little sad that I’m already on wedding 4 out of the 5 weddings I am attending this summer.  (that being said, if you are looking for a plus one, I am your girl.  Weddings are the best!)

waiting for his bride

This past weekend, my cousin Steve married Kaia.  We’ve known Kaia for many moons now, and are thrilled to see them wed. 

Part of the reason I love family weddings, other than being excited for the bride and groom, is that all the family from all over the states comes into town and we are all briefly reunited.  I love that.  My family is spread out over lots of states, and we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as we should.  And now that cousins have adorable little children, it is even more exciting. 

Steve and Kaia’s wedding was, in a word: them.  Kaia is a talented graphic designer, and her wedding, from her dress and hair, to her centerpieces, to her programs, to the bridesmaids’ rings, reflected her style.  It was the kind of wedding you’d see in a magazine. 

They had an incredible band playing during the ceremony.  Kaia walked down the aisle to instrumental Fix You by Coldplay (amazing) and they exited the ceremony at the end to Home by Edward Sharpe (love that song). 

I loved this song from the slideshow: Andrew Peterson, Dancing in the Minefields.  Yes, I just purchased it on itunes.

And I love this photo…

The sanctuary was filled with candles.  It was gorgeous.  Steve’s niece was the flower girl and she was adorable in her tutu sitting in a little red wagon. 

The reception was at the Landmark Center.  I had never been there, but always had hoped to attend a reception there so I could see the inside of it.  It is a stunning building, just as I suspected. 

Congratulations, Steve and Kaia!  Your wedding was beautiful!  I am so happy for you both, and am looking forward to some cousins’ dinners in our future and the next round of telephone pictionary 🙂 


3 thoughts on “Family Weddings: the best weddings

  1. Thank You Laura! Your pictures are amazing. I love the one with them up front and the cross lit up. It was a great day. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Love, Aunt Deb

  2. Thanks for the photos too. It is hard living overseas and not being able to attend weddings you want to go to. Your photos helped us be there

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