I heart modes of transportation

Why do I love modes of transportation so much?  I do not know.  I realize that it is not what the cool kids like, and its not like I enjoy learning about cars or how engines work or anything.  Gross.

I just like to ride in fun things?  I do like vintagey things, and there is something nostalgic about an old fashioned trolley ride, or a horse drawn carriage ride.  There is something beautiful about a train ride through the mountains. I love randomness, and that is most def what a pirate ship ride across a lake in Japan is.

You have probably been wondering for a while what my top ten modes of transportation adventures are.  Well folks, the wait is over.  Get excited, because I know I am – it is time to re-live some of my favorite life experiences.

Number Ten: Swan Paddleboats.  I saw these from the side of the pirate ship.  I immediately wanted to go in one.  But alas, did not get to.  Thus it is only number ten on the list. I did ride in other paddleboats in Argentina.  This was on me and Amber’s “Independent day”.  There may have been a bit of a language barrier confusion about things like which boat to take, how to actually use it, etc, but we lived by our boys’ motto, “never give up! never surrender”and just like the Twins, and we had a successful outing, complete with, “This is a lot more work than I remember” and a brief snack break to refuel.  

Number Nine: Float plane.  Normally my stomach is a champion.  Seriously – it can handle anything, and motion sickness is not an issue for me.  Until I got on the float plane in Whistler, Canada.  I blame it on the weird air pressure inside the cabin.  I was SO excited for our plane ride, and instead spent the entire time trying not to die.  I’m glad to say I did it, but please stop me if I ever try to board one again…  

Number Eight:Subway.  While the funness of this mode of transportation dwindled after the novelty in NYC and leaving behind the “mind the gap” of London, I still wish we had a great subway system here.  The light rail is a step in the right direction, but every major city I’ve been in, the subway system has been the way to go!  In Japan, figuring out how to buy the tickets was half the battle, and in Argentina we were a little confused by the marketing techniques down there… “why did that stranger just put this weird little stuffed animal keychain in my hand?”  But overall?  awesome.

we quickly became pro ticket purchasers. It is probably because we are so fluent in Japanese…

Number Seven: Ski lift.  This is primarily because a thirteen year old proposed to me on a chair lift last summer.  Yes, skiing – the way to find true love.  And no – I don’t know how to ski.  Apparently I just ride the lifts up to the tops of mountains.

Number Six: Pirate Ships.  Mostly this is so that you can say, “oh yeah, that reminds me of the time I was sailing on a pirate ship in Japan.”  Because who doesn’t want to be able to say that??  

oh, just another day’s work for me and Pirate Steve

Number Five: Trains.  What’s not to love about them?  They are comfy, fast, and get you where you want to go with no effort on your part.  And, BONUS: if you play your cards right, and I would suggest you do, there will probably also be giggly Japanese students in their awesome uniforms.  Great people watching.  Or perhaps a train engineer that makes a special trip back to give you the heads up on all the great photo opps headed your way!

Number Four: Ropeway Gondola.  Riding high above the ground in a small glassed in box.  Beautiful.  We went on one that stretched from peak to peak of two mountains in Whistler.  Breathtaking.  We also went on one in Hakone, outside of Tokyo, on our day o’ transportation fun, and it brought us to some hot sulfur springs where we ate black eggs.  Also phenomenal.  

Number Three: Horseback riding. Love this so much.  One of those aptitude tests you take in high school told me that I should be a farmer or operate heavy machinery for my profession.  I took their advice.  Kindergarten is just like both of those things??  Or not at all.  Anyways, if I’d been a farmer, perhaps I would ride horses.  That would be fun.  One of my favorite past times.  In Argentina, my horse wanted to lead the pack for our ride at the Estancia.  Unfortunately, I speak no Spanish, so it was a bit tricky to know which way for me and my horse to lead the pack.  Thus, we sadly had to fall back to second place.

Tiny bicycles are different from horses.

Number Two: Horse drawn carriage.  This would be number one, if I had ever actually experienced it.  But I imagine it to be amazing, and will be your friend forever if you took me on a horse drawn carriage ride.  Amber and I do also have an awkward pick up line story about a horse drawn carriage.  I can’t remember if it was just the two of us out or if there was a third friend, but for the sake of the story, let’s pretend it was just the two of us.  Guys come up, point to themselves, to us, and to the carriage, and say sleazily, “hmm… two of us, two of you, a horse drawn carriage” – yeah, that is not my dream carriage ride.  Sorry boys.

Number One: The trolley.  My love of the trolley, and perhaps my love of modes of transportation began when my sister took me to San Fran for a college graduation trip (and the first of our sister vacations).  My only dream for the trip was to ride a trolley.  Due to an unfortunate pick-pocketing event, this dream did not come true.  My principal did take me on a trolley ride for my birthday in Dallas on a work trip.  I even got to wear the driver’s hat!  And I wanted to ride in this cute little trolley in Uruguay.  It was a highlight.   What is your favorite mode of transportation?  Or most random?  Or least favorite?  Or recommendation? 🙂

7 thoughts on “I heart modes of transportation

  1. My least favorite is probably by parasail. But unlike you, I loved the tiny float plane, even though it seems that someone who was terrified parasailing should actually also not enjoy a float plane. And while I don’t heart modes of transportation to quite the same level that you do, I love taking them with you and having the experiences. There’s no one I would rather ride a pirate ship or ropeway gondola or foreign country subway with. And someday, we will ride a trolley in San Fran…I promise 🙂

  2. Laura your top two are my top two. The trolley brings nothing but joy to my heart. I have a summer dream of riding the trolley around lake Harriet. Perhaps you could join me and make that dream a reality.

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