Girls’ Night Ingredients


Girls’ Night: when girls get together to eat girly food, talk about boys, and watch girly movies.

Girls’ Night: awesomeness.

A few weeks ago, some friends and I watched Sleepless in Seattle together.  Besides being a stellar movie in and of itself, it inspired us to watch An Affair to Remember.  JaNahn says it is one of her favorites and she felt sad for us that we had not seen it.  We tried to watch it at her house, but she remembered too late that she owns it on VHS and has no VCR.  I said, “Don’t even worry.  My roommate and I still live in 1989 and have a VCR that we use on a regular basis.”

So I rallied the troops, planned the menu, and girls’ night commenced.

Not without a few bloopers though of course.

There was the scheduling conflicts, the  “unnamed friend tries to steal the furniture” fiasco

the “oh no, this is a zucchini, not a cucumber” conundrum, and the, “Laura throws a burning match and could have burned down the whole townhouse” near disaster.  (Tiffany, I promise to never light another match again.  Or to at least review basic fire safety protocol first).

But when I saw that people were actually sitting the tea room, (the recently reclaimed from storing all our stuff and brought back to its former glory room) I knew it would be a magical evening. Girls’ night can come in lots of shapes and sizes. Here are some of the shapes and sizes essential to our evening last night.

We ate pesto chicken pasta with asparagus, artichokes, red pepper, and sun-dried tomatoes.  Delicious?  Yes.  Amber brought fixings for a tasty summer salad, and J made some fancy puff balls of Brazilian bread and cheese goodness.  Even though as a general rule I don’t ask for lemon in my water, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to fancify my pitcher of water with lemonness.  I don’t regret it one bit.    and then we had strawberry white chocolate streusel bars for dessert.  Delish and a half.

p.s.  did you note my pretty new dishes?  I mean, you probably didn’t know what my old ones looked like, but I’ve been dreaming of these for years.  And you know me – I’m all about making dreams come true – especially when it involves paying just a tiny fraction of the actual cost.

For our movie enjoyment, with some effort, we tracked down An Affair to Remember on instant netflix (because after all the promises of VCR glory, the VHS was left at home) and I made frozen hot chocolate. I wasn’t really sure what the frozen hot chocolate experience would be like, but knew that we had to try it.  and boy are we glad we did!  

As it turns out, after all the feasting and friendshipping, some people have to work even in the summer (crazy – what is that about??) and so we did not see the movie through to the end.  But I love my friends, and I loved our night together.  


3 thoughts on “Girls’ Night Ingredients

  1. Would you ever invite the mother of one of your friends? I thought not. Seriously, the food looks delicious (do you share recipes?) and the evening was likely memorable. So happy my daughter is among your friends.

    • I am so glad that your daughter is among my friends as well 🙂 I put links to the bars and hot chocolate in my post (they are pink) and the pasta was from a simple and delicious magazine. I emailed Amber the general description of the recipe, because I didn’t follow the actual amounts. But she could forward that to you if you wanted it 🙂

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