Today’s post: brought to you by Awkward Seating

Today’s post: brought to you by Awkward Seating and other things that made this weekend interesting. 

I am glad that I have fun friends, otherwise this weekend might not have received a rating much higher than mediocre.  But I since I do have fun friends, I would rate it around, “quite enjoyable” which a chance to reach, “I liked it so much!” if things go well tomorrow.

Tonight we went to the Twin’s game.  And when we got there we discovered that we were not in fact all sitting together.  What?  Our tickets were all purchased as a group.  Yet there we were, eight of us, spread across 4 different rows and 2 sections.  At least we were sitting two by two.  Now I understand why Noah’s animals all came in a pair.  It sure would have been lonely otherwise!  And at least J and I were sitting the furthest back, so we could choose to either watch the game or watch our friends.  We wised up by the 5th inning and ditched our assigned seats and went and sat together.  (what was magical about the fifth inning?  nothing, we just couldn’t be bothered to get up prior to that).  Before you judge, you have to factor in the fact that it was dreary and rainy.  Who wants to dry off a new seat?  Not us, that is for sure.

Yep – you got it though – another day of crappy weather, another day I am attending Twins baseball.  While I do like baseball, sitting in a drizzle isn’t my most fav.  In other baseball related news, Amber tells me that it is not weird that some kid down in front had a jersey with the name Baby Jesus stitched on the back.  Apparently people call Joe Mauer by this nickname?  What??  I must say, while I am a fan of Joe, and I am definitely a fan of Jesus, I am not a fan of this supposed nickname.

Other things that made this weekend decent include breakfast at the Good Day Cafe: love it there so much!  And I had a fun dinner with my mom, the Rachels, and our dear friend Mary.  Love that all the boys are gone fishing!  This was followed by the first somewhat failed, somewhat fun event: my first movie in the park of the season!  We went to see the Sandlot – classic, right?  But just before they could reclaim the ball that had fallen prey to the beast, the parks and rec folk decided the storm was rolling in quickly, and they pulled the plug on the event.  Bummer.  But wise: the first drops of an intense rainstorm fell as we were pulling away.

Tomorrow has grand promises of a lovely morning with church, brunch with friends, and well… I will wait to see what the weather does before I get our hopes up with promises of further excitement.