Summer Hobbies

My dreams of spending my summer in Africa or teaching summer school here in Minnie did not come true.  And now I am left with wide open spaces ahead of me.  (mostly those wide open spaces are on my calendar… I live in the ‘burbs, not in the country.)  I know my tendencies to feel bored if I don’t have some routine, structure, or previously scheduled activities on my calendar, so I decided this summer it was time to find some hobbies.  I’ve been polling those around me for suggestions, ideas, and inspiration.

Here are some of the options that have been set before me by friends, family, and strangers:

  • Nannying for baked treats in return
  • Biking
  • Walking the bro’s new puppy
  • Watching Twins games
  • Opening a doggy day camp in the yard of my brother’s new house
  • Hanging out with babies
  • Improving my photography skills
  • Traveling
  • Baking deliciously adorable treats
  • Fancy Napkin Folding
  • Updos for friends for non-occassions
  • Selling my photo cards
  • Learning to cake decorate for reals
  • Perfecting my hula-hooping skills
  • Trying something new, like taking pictures of flowers
  • knot-tying
  • Writing papers for grad school
  • Gardening
  • Attending weddings
  • Learning to fill my bike tires up with air as an independent person
  • Hammocking
  • Reading (while hammocking)
  • Reading old People magazines (currently perusing the Royal Wedding.  which yes, i realize is old news)
  • Assisting in arranging fake flowers for sanctuaries
  • Eating lunch with people I like
  • Making jam
  • Online dating
  • Selling newly vintaged tees
  • Opening up a lemonade stand
  • Walking around lakes
  • Writing letters to Molly encouraging her to move back to Minnesota
  • Catching up on my correspondence
  • Avoiding ticks
  • Attending children’s baseball games
  • Skipping
*Please note that just because an item is on the list does not mean it was my idea or that I have any intention of following through on it
**  Please note that items on aforementioned list may be participated in this summer.  But then again, they may not.
***Please note that this list is not viewed to be a complete list of options.  Suggestions can still be added, crossed out, or re-written in dot letters.
**** Please note that no strangers actually contributed to this list, but that is not to say I would disregard their opinion just because I don’t know them.  I consider all suggested hobbies before judging them.
Cast your vote!  Which suggested hobby do you think I prioritize?

8 thoughts on “Summer Hobbies

  1. My priorities for you:

    1. Travelling
    2. Watching Twins games
    3. Catching up on your correspondence
    4. Walking around lakes
    5. Knot tying

    *Most of these events should come with the obviously follow-up of “with your sister”. (Except knot-tying–Dad already tried to teach me that in the BWCA, to no avail)
    **Oh, and despite my name, I’ll let you catch up on your correspondence alone.
    ***But the others, you should definitely do with me.

  2. Laura, I would also like you to do the following with this Rachel:

    1) Lunch together on Thursday
    2) Twins Games
    3) Camping (I think this might be an addition to the list)
    4) Walking around the lakes with the book in the freezer
    5) Movies in the park (also an addition)
    6) Flowers and Sanctuaries

  3. When I read skipping I thought of skip-it. You should totally try to find a skip-it—that would be so fun, we could skip-it all summer and set new records!

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