My Little Graduates

Earlier this week as we previewed our end of the year video, one little girl was crying when it was done.  I asked what was wrong and she responded simply, “I love kindergarten!”

At graduation we showed the video framed these little graduation faces.  I made them all choose a paper that would match their beautiful skin colors so it would look just like them.  We helped a few figure out how to do their hair (this took some teacher brainstorming) but I LOVE how they turned out!  Precious and a half.

The school year has ended, and I have to say, I’m proud of all my little kindergarten graduates have learned.  They have come a long ways since September.

I’m not gonna lie, this was a tough crew overall, and I’m as surprised as you are to say I miss them already.  I didn’t think I’d cry, but all the teachers lining up on the sidewalk and waving goodbye as the buses pull out always gets me.  Love our kids.  Love my school.  I feel sad to turn the munchkins loose for the summer, especially as not all of them have awesome home lives.

After the zoo on Tuesday, we had kindergarten graduation.  In effort to avoid tearing up, I kept my words to a minimum and showed our end of the year movie, handed out cute kindergarten diplomas, and gathered the children round for endless snappings of class pictures.

I wish I could show you our video of the year.  Instead, I will promise to carry it in my purse at all times and you can watch it with me upon request.  And I will say that it was a tear inducing crowd pleaser.  And I will share the stellar soundtrack:

We’re Going to be Friends – Jack Johnson

What We Got – Okee Dokee Brothers

The Sharing Song – Jack Johnson

We’re All In This Together – High School Musical (don’t worry, it fades out before they start singing out the Wildcats, as we have a different, not as cool mascot.  it could have gotten confusing)

One child, “Amanda” from a previous post, who incidentally is so tiny I could fit her in my pocket, asked if they could through their graduation hats in the air at the end.  I had to say no… I mean, these sweet grad caps are made of tagboard and packing tape, with yarn and a crayon tassel.  No one wants to lose an eye at the end of the year.

Afterwards as families congratulated their kids on all they learned, I got to take a picture with a lot of my students.  My favorite was when I took a photo with my little African Queen, then her mom brought little sister into the photo saying, “Now one with the future kindergartener too!”  and proceeded to tell me 3-5 times that she hopes little 3 yr old sister can be in my class in a couple years.  Um, yes please!

That night my assistant texted me that she and her hubby just ran into a student from our class with his family at Olive Garden.  And he still was wearing his graduation hat.  AMAZING.  That made me so happy to hear.

Speaking of my assistant, you might be wondering what incredible end of the year gift came in the mail the other day.  Well, let me tell you.  As you may or may not know, she is a big Justin Bieber fan (probably why she gets along so well with the kindergartners) and so I ordered a poster online, then stuck all the kids’ school pictures on the poster next to Justin’s face, and had the kids sign by their name.  Yes, I am a genius.  She loved it.  But probably not as much as her husband will when she brings the giant poster home.

Also speaking of my assistant, saying goodbye to her made me nearly bawl my eyes out.  Molly, if you are reading this, you are amazing.  You were such a blessing to me this year.  You are such a hard worker, up for anything, a great teacher, a kind heart that the kids love, you are funny, a fun friend, and a joy to be around this year.  I’m going to miss you lots, and I wish you all the best in your move today.

Several students brought me beautiful flowers today.  So pretty!  I’ve never gotten this many cards and gifts at the end of the year.  I feel so appreciated!

And, some final quotes to round out the year…

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A superhero.  I will save people.

A ballet teacher.

A nurse that takes care of babies when they are born.

A surfer.

A transformer.

Dream big, kids!  Dream big. 🙂

What are your favorite kindergarten memories?

Planting the garden.

Going on field trips.

Reading books for learning.

Touching your necklace.  (clearly i have made a big impact.  or at least my jewelry collection has…)


2 thoughts on “My Little Graduates

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos and this story that made me tear up. How blessed you are to be in a career that you obviously love, nurturing little ones. Every parent should be so blessed to have you teaching their children.

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