Jeans+90 degrees=fail.

Four days until summer.  We shall make it.

Today we went on a walking field trip to a nearby park for a class picnic and time to play on a playground.  Since it was approximately 1000 degrees, I ran to the store while the kiddos were at Spanish class, and bought us some bottles of agua.  I thought they kids would complain about carrying a water bottle, but they did well with it!

I knew it was going to be hot, but apparently, I’ve forgotten what summer feels like, and I wore jeans.  I am not sure why I thought that would be ok.  After realizing the error of my ways, I considered buying some shorts or capris at Target while I was stocking up on water, but then decided I should probably be responsible and scurry back to school.

Maybe it was the heat, but the kids didn’t show a great deal of interest in playing on the playground.  They were more content to sit in the shade and chat with their teachers.  We covered important topics such as the difference between identical twins and fraternal twins. “Is it true that if you eat too much hair you will die??” to which I believe the natural response is, “Why are you eating hair???”  and safety topics of what is ok to get in your eyes and what isn’t.  What sorts of spray will make you go blind… etc.

Earlier in the day, the children broke out into somewhat spontaneous Sparky the Seal impressions.  It was amazing as they demonstrated the “right” way to clap your hands like a seal and bark.

The kids sat down about every 50 ft on the walk back, so that was fun to cheerfully tell them to get up and walk and be responded to by a chorus of moaning.

I don’t blame them though, I don’t think I”ll ever be cool again.  Why I bothered to take a shower this morning, I’ll never know.

When we got back to school we had popsicles, and I had to get to a meeting on class placement protocol, so I took my popsicle on the run, and slurped it up quietly ate it during my meeting.  Because nothing says “professional” like a cherry frozen treat!

I worked late getting ready for k graduation tomorrow, then ran to a couple stores, and finally made it home around 9.  Yikes.  But for all my sweaty efforts today, I was greeted by fun packages at the door!

  • Free shutterfly cards!  Yes, thank you.
  • My new nook case from etsy (it will be perfect for traveling with, since it actually zips closed and is fairly compact…
  • And my beautiful new canvas from a photo I took in Canada.  Yes, it is a smidge colorful.  and yes, I love it 🙂 
  • And there was one more SUPER special package, but I cannot tell you more about it on the off chance that my assistant in my classroom reads this before I give it to her.  Let’s just say that SPECIAL is the key word, and I know she is going to love it.

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