Musings from Target Field



Here are some of our baseball observations from today’s game:
1. The only good thing about Butera is his walk up song
2. When it begins to rain and you are sitting safely under the overhang, watching the entire lower section begin flailing about putting on jackets, hoods, and ponchos is kind of amazing
3.  Michael Cuddyer just seems like a great guy. I would be his friend. And I’d like to see him do magic tricks. Maybe at the next rain delay?
4. Plouffe seems confused today about where Morneau and first base are actually located. I’d say Valencia should help him out, but Danny Boy is struggling today as well.
5. Three pitchers are hanging out in the corner of the dugout and have spent about 72% of the game looking at something in the stands. Now they’ve invited a fourth friend to join them. As a result we have lost interest in the game and mostly want to know what the are so intently watching, because it sure isn’t baseball
6. What would you say is proper meandering vendor etiquette?  Because so far today we have had one vendor ask us each individually if we would like a soft pretzel and another block the entire aisle with his dance moves while another man stands awkwardly close behind him.  I think perhaps I would write a jingle to merrily sing as I hawked my wares.
7. I would like to see some more creative fun facts. Things like: what is your most embarrassing baseball memory, who was your childhood crush, how do you spend the off season, what song was the first dance at your wedding, favorite animal, favorite Minnesota lake, best away stadium to play at, really anything that isn’t a baseball stat I could have read on Wikipedia. I set the bar low.
8. Someone just proposed. She said yes. I think I would say no, just because it is a baseball stadium proposal. Unless it was a player at home plate after scoring the winning run via grand slam. Then I would consider a “yes”
9. We are concerned about one of the announcers. I am fairly certain that one of them is having a severe allergic reaction where his tongue is swelling up.  He has lost the ability to pronounce words.
10. They just started “rally time” according to the big screens. It is the 7th inning. I asked if it was a bit early for rally time and my sister pointed out we need to get a lead quick, before our relievers come in.
11. Gardy just visited the mound. Because I am an expert lip reader, I will fill you in on their convo.  Pavano: “I know I have thrown over 100 pitches, but please, we can not let the bullpen come in.” Butera: “I know I am not the best catcher, but l do so much better with someone who knows how throw the ball.”  Gardy: “alright, sounds like a 2-1 vote. Majority wins. You can stay.”
12: I am thinking I should have some babies, because I have seen a lot of adorable Twins children’s apparel today.
13. This little boy traveled far away from his dad, climbing over chairs, meeting new people. “What’s your name?” was his opening line
14. We lost, but at least we went down fighting. That in itself is a victory in comparison to a month ago.