Nancy Drew and the Case of the Masked Accountants

What do you get when take dozens/hundreds/an unknown quantity of accountants and invite them to a black and white masquerade ball a’la Gossip Girl?

What I picture when I hear "Masquerade Ball" - Gossip Girl.

You get a lot of nervous accountants.

Then in response to all of the nervousness, you get a plethora of emails clarifying that masks are not required and you can wear whatever color you want.

Thus, B&W Masquerade transforms into the Spring Gala.

I would not know any of this from personal experience, but I do know it secondhand, from my sister, one of the aforementioned accountants.

Yes, as we speak as I type, she is at the PwC Prom.

I played fairy godmother and opened a hair salon for the day to transform her into Cinderella, or the Prom Queen, or the Prettiest Accountant on the Block.  I’m not really sure which title she likes best.  But I do hope she comes home with a crown.  Or without her shoe.  Actually I am not sure if she would like to come home without her shoe, because she just got fun new shoes.  They look like this.

I personally would never be able to walk in them.  I applaud her walking abilities.  And fashion sense.

In exchange for my hair styling expertise, she had a small price to pay: letting me play photographer for the day.

After all, it isn’t every day your big sister goes to the prom.  These things need to be documented.  They just grow up so fast, don’t they?  One minute they are learning to ride their bike without training wheels, and the next minute they are partying accountant-style.

the dress

the make-up

the jewels

the earrings

the hair

putting it all together

all she needs is a mask. not because of her face. but because of the original theme.

excited to gala the evening away

In opening my hair salon today, I almost got to extend my services to an additional client getting ready for the ball.  I was devastated when I got word of her cancellation and her “I can do it myself” attitude.  Then I understood that it is because she was given this as an example of my work:

Little does she know, I only give this look to 84% of my clients.  The rest walk away looking like this.

Sister, I hope that the prom is amazing.  I hope that you leave your glass slipper behind and tomorrow Prince Charming shows up at your doorstop.  I hope that no one in a mask scares you.  I hope that you got to do some math (I hear that is the sort of thing your people like to do).  I hope that the downtown library was safe from tornadoes.  And mostly I hope that your hair doesn’t fall out.  Although I’m not sure how it possible could, since I used every bobby pin you own to put it up.

Did you get crowned Prom Queen?  Was the Prom King cute?  What song did you dance to together?