Weather or baseball: which is the main event?

Someday I hope that those in attendance for Twins’ games will have more interesting things going on than the weather.

Someday I hope the Twins will once again score more than 3 runs.

Someday I hope that the snow, hail, and howling winds will stay away and let the real excitement, baseball, shine.

The Twins scores haven’t been anything to talk about lately, but the extreme weather conditions have been.  A couple weeks ago, I was at Target Field when it snowed.  They made the best of it: Twinter Wonderland, Christmas carols, and T. Swift’s Back to December.  Then came the hail.  Apparently everyone and their brother was at that game, and according to their facebook updates, it seems the Twins didn’t really have a contingency plan for hail, as the initial removal efforts from the field were on the ineffectual side.

Sunday: it was the wind.  It all seemed innocent enough, until we couldn’t see the game through the hair in our face (this was not the ideal day to reintroduce my bangs to the world)

 Then came the flying trash.  I was traumatized when an airborne hot dog wrapper nearly took my face off.   I glanced over to my sister, and saw that she was at least 2.3x as traumatized as me.  Yes, turns out that hot dog wrapper had attacked her face, momentarily plastering itself to her cheek on it’s way towards me.  Yikes!  She lived in fear whenever we heard the sound of the swirling garbage around us.  (This was 92% of the time)  You never know when garbage might strike again.

Other game highlights include Trevor Plouffe picking up garbage from the field and putting it in his pocket.  Well done, good sir.

And then, there is this:

You are probably thinking, why are all those people on the field?  Are they part of a new strategy of the Twins?  Put dozens of people on the field and hope it will improve our fielding??  (ahem, Delmon Young, who just watched the ball instead of running towards it).  No.  They are the Emergency Garbage Clean Team (EGCT, for short)  Chasing down flying debris.

Twins, if you want my advice: let’s start small.  Let’s take the spotlight away from Mother Nature and aim for 4 runs at the next game.

Never give up.  Never surrender.