Baby Love

My amazing friends had a beautiful daughter last Saturday.  I was honored to visit them in the hospital the day she was born.  We were so excited to meet her!

As I don’t have any children of my own, I don’t really have any great parenting advice to pass on to them.  So I turned to the ones who obviously know best what a good mom or dad does: I asked the kindergartners.

Here is their sage advice:

Be nice and get some milk for her.

If the baby cries, she just has to carry the baby and give it a little walk and then you know kind of play with her a little bit.  Then she can play with her toys, like you know kids like to eat beads, but kids cannot eat beads, so they can just give the baby milk or formula.

If the baby is crying, you can go and give her some milk.

She should take care of her and love her and kiss her on the cheek.

Feed the baby every day.

You can be a good parent.  Take them outside to get fresh air.

Give them a bath.  My baby has a thing that you sit in, but my baby doesn’t use it anymore.  Like a baby tub.

The baby can be potty trained.

My mom took care of me and I know how to be a good mommy.  Take them for a walk and give them fresh diapers every day.

Change the diaper.

The way you can take care of your baby is give them toys to play or give them a smile or shake their tummy and then they will feel good and they will laugh and laugh and laugh and they will have a good times.  They can watch TV for a little while and then go to sleep and then wake up and have a fun time with her mom.

Feed the baby milk.

This is how you take off diapers on babies.  You just take it off and wipe them and then you change them and you get another diaper and you put it back on there.

You feed them with the bottles.

Take them outside for a walk and let them smell the fresh air.

Have a great time and just kind of do some stuff and sing them when they eat.  Baby juice, and baby food, and baby water.

When they are eating you can say “choo choo” in the mouth and they can open the mouth and eat it.

Thanks kids!  Here are my takeaways:  (Parents out there, listen up)

  • Change your baby’s diaper
  • Give your baby kisses
  • Feed your baby
  • Give your baby some fresh air
  • Don’t let your baby eat beads.

Follow those steps, and I’m sure you will be the best parents ever!

p.s.  Thanks for letting me take pictures of your sweet baby girl!  Love her 🙂


4 thoughts on “Baby Love

    • It is a wise piece of advice… holds true for not only babies, but friends and family as well. Don’t let any of your loved ones eat beads.

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