All the single ladies…

It doesn’t come up all the time, but every few months they kiddos become concerned about my marital status 🙂  Today it came up because my EA and I are wearing Justin Bieber stickers that her husband bought for her.  We are wearing them for the sole purpose of making all the children jealous and also earning some teacher cool points.

Anyways, here is how our conversation went:

Conversation 1:

Student: You should kiss Justin Bieber

Teacher: No thanks.

Student: You have to, because you are not married.

Conversation 2: 

Student: Should I call you Miss K?  Or Mrs. K?

Teacher: What do you think?

Student: I want to call you Mrs. K, so we can pretend that you are married.

Teacher: Who am I married to?

Student: You are married to a boy named Max.  He has pointy hair.  Sometimes he wears blue clothes and jeans.

To answer your question: No, I don’t know anyone named Max.  I’ll let you know if I meet him!


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