Oh, just some random moments

Yesterday during my math lesson, the class broke out into spontaneous Compliment the Teacher Hour.  Love that time of day!  It started saying that I have a beautiful singing voice (ha!  love the ears of 5 yr olds!)  It ended with, “Miss K-, You have a beautiful heart!”

Today I was driving in my car and I thought, “Yikes!  There is a bug on my arm!”  I looked down to further investigate, and realized it was only a freckle.  Hello sun, and welcome back to my life!

My assistant and I accidentally dressed in matching outfits today.  Navy blue sundresses with scoop necks from Loft and light colored cardigans.  I am wearing leggings and she is wearing sandals, so we are a tiny bit different.  Someone asked if we planned it.  We did not.  We are just that awesome.  Or that not awesome.  It is hard to say which.

There is a hole in the bottom of my pretty gold ballet flats.  I discovered it about 2 weeks ago.  It isn’t completely worn through though, so I just keep wearing them.  I love them too much to stop!

Today I told the kids I drew them each a beautiful flower picture and put it at their table spot.  They were outraged when the found a drawing of a brown, wilted, dying flower, waiting for them.  I asked Mrs. T if she remembered to water them.  Enter lesson on why water is important to plants.  We are currently making beautiful flowers that are green and colorful.  The children said, “I hope my mom doesn’t see this dead flower on the back of my paper.”  I said, “Just tell her that I drew it.” and the boy said, “She is going to be mad at you!”

Yesterday a boy came up to me at recess, pointed to his hairline next to his face and said, “Miss K, touch right here!” Being the wise teacher I am, I said, “Why?” and he said, “It’s so sweaty!!!!”  um,  no thanks.


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