Unreasonable Sobfest

Every morning after our morning meeting, we do a movement activity or song.  The child leading our morning meeting gets to choose.  I have implemented a “One Justin Bieber song per week” rule. Otherwise I will lose my mind.  And they still need to dance to cute kindergarten songs such as, “Make any Shape and Freeze” and “Skip to my Lou” (or Skip to my Low, as they call it – I think that is Lou’s depressed brother’s song?)

Anyways, yesterday they were dancing to One Less Lonely Girl and it was reported to me that a little girl was crying.

I called her over, and yes she was indeed crying. Sobbing, you might say.  Or perhaps weeping would be more apt.  Anyways, there were extreme amounts of tears, her face was all red, and based on the severity of her blubbering, I thought perhaps someone kicked her in the face or stepped on her (even though I do have a strict, “no break dancing” rule for just such safety reasons.)

I asked what was wrong.  She could barely respond through her wailing, but her response was “I just like Justin Bieber so much.  I am just so happy” and she just kept repeating that.  Wow.

Cupcake Camp

A couple of fun girls from church came over to learn all my secrets to a successful cupcake baking experience.  The real secret was that I don’t actually know what I am doing, and I just make it up and hope for the best!

We made these delicious cookie dough filled cupcakes, which naturally were from my favorite cupcake recipe provider: Annie’s Eats.  

Besides having being super fun to bake with and hang out with, cupcake day with Hilary and Kari had other perks too, such as wearing this awesome baker’s hat:

Please note the awesome hat and adorable rubber spatula: 2 keys to a successful baking experience

Here is some of the sage advice that I passed along to them, forever changing their baking lives.

  1. Cute cupcake liners are the key ingredient to any recipe.

    Exhibit A

  2. A little flour spill is nothing that can’t be overcome.

    Exhibit B

  3. If you are out of toothpicks and can’t do the traditional clean toothpick test to see if your cupcakes are done, touch the top of the cupcake.  If it springs back up, it is ready to come out of the oven.  If it is not done, you should bake it longer, plus it will eternally have a finger indentation in your dessert.
  4. 3 Tablespoons of milk really will do wonders to take your frosting from a substance that looks like clay, to a substance that looks like delicious frosting!

    Exhibit C

  5. Sharing is caring and fun.  Unless you are using your amazing new cupcake corer.  In that case, you should share, but then take it back as soon as possible to hoard all the fun for yourself.

    Exhibit D

  6. Hiding edible treasures will brighten anyone’s day.

    Exhibit E

  7. Cupcake insides that are surgically removed are definitely meant to be eaten before any baking project is finished.

    Exhibit F

  8. When in doubt, always double check the recipe.

    Exhibit G

  9. Fancy cupcakes are so much more fun when you tackle them with a friend.  Then your 4 hour baking project will only seem like 3 1/2 hours.  3 and 1/2 hours of laughs – not too shabby of a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

    Exhibit H

  10. These cupcakes are delicious.  I would recommend them.  Time consuming, but pretty easy!

    Exhibit I

  11. Watch your friend’s face when they eat a cupcake from you.  Their face will light up with pure joy, and you will feel elated at your baking accomplishment.

Exhibit J

I had so much fun baking with you, girls!  I can’t wait to do it again sometime soon!!!  🙂

    A Robot Named 3M

    Today I got out some ancient technology: the overhead projector.

    Molly and I feel quite ancient ourselves, since the overhead projector was cutting edge technology when we were in elementary school.  These kiddos have clearly never seen such a contraption before.

    We are learning about light and shadows, and I planned to use the overhead projector to play a little “guess the mystery shadow” game to help us learn that shadows look like the object.  But first, the following things were said:

    • Look!  Miss K has a robot!
    • Is that a robot, Miss K? (this question is repeated about 25x)
    • Child stands next to the projector and puts one arm in the air with his hand pointing forward – After a moment of confusion I realize he is doing an impression of the projector.
    • Children clammer around, examining this mysterious object (which I should add has been in plain sight all year)
    • One child reads the logo 3M on the front of the projector
    • Children are still whispering to one another while finishing their work, pointing excitedly, and a child runs up to hug me and tell me, “You’re the best!”
    • We should get a class dinosaur!

    Because I am incredibly amused at this point, I ask the kids what they think it is and what they think it does.  Some of their answers:

    • A robot that does the robot dance (which of course my students demonstrate for me, doing the robot far better than I could ever hope or dream of dancing)
    • A camera
    • A camera that when it takes your picture it makes you be in a costume

    But my favorite moment of the entire exchange:

    Student 1: We have a robot!  Should we name our robot?

    Student 2: It already has a name: 3M!

    Just need a little snack.

    I am innocently sitting at my desk at rest time, finishing off my lunch with this delicious cupcake.

    A student lurks nearby.

    I take a bite.

    A crumb falls from my cupcake and lands on my sleeve.

    The little lurker creeps up, picks up the crumb, says thank you, and happily walks away to his desk, munching on a crumb.

    I just about died laughing.

    The Ultimate Compliment


    The kids already call me princess when I drop them off for lunch (I promise I didn’t initiate this.  I just stand there and say, “Enjoy your lunch” and a group of girls reply, “You too, Princess!”)  So you might be wondering what compliment could be better than that.

    I will tell you.

    “I like your necklace.  It is like Hannah Montana!”

    Since I am not a boy I cannot strive for a Justin Bieber compliment.  Hannah Montana is the next best thing.  Good job, self.  Glad I dress like Miley Cyrus on her most innocent of days.

    My fashion inspiration?? (no wait, that is Beth Moore :))


    I’m guessing that my “Hannah Montana Jewelry” is partially to blame for this last comparison the kids came up with in our reading lesson:

    When I acted real excited about it, they then began to chant, “Miss Karsjens is awesome.”  I probably should have reminded the kid who also said he hates me of the chanting…

    Why kids are horrible April Foolers

    The setting: kindergarten.

    The scene: Molly, my assistant, has just “fallen asleep” on the carpet where I do most of my teaching.  The kids start pointing at her from where we are having our morning meeting, and I act confused and send one over to investigate.  The conclusions: yes, she is indeed asleep.  We take our bathroom break and then head in to sit on said carpet, surrounding her.  **while in the hallway, a little girl covers her mouth, still in shock, and says, “I can’t wait to tell my mom that my teacher is sleeping!” ** I read the children a non-fiction book about April Fool’s Day and mid-reading, Molly sits up and shouts BOO!  She was a little disappointed, because I promised her screams like Shawn and I had experienced a few years ago doing this.  Instead, the children sat there, shell-shocked, staring at her in confusing and disbelief.  After about 30 seconds of silence, we said, “April Fools!” they broke into nervous laughter, and soon couldn’t stop talking about how they were so scared and how it was such a funny joke.  Yes, yes, we are in fact hilarious.

    Then I led them in making a super lame awesome April Fool’s Day art project – which naturally, they LOVED.

    "Mom, look at the cute bear I made today at kindergarten!"

    and then… drumroll please… you flip it over and say:

    "April Fool's! I made a bunny!" bahahahahaha


    Fast forward to the rest of the day:

    Number of times they tried the fake sleeping joke on me: 3.

    Number of times they told us something was behind us: at least 1,000. Molly tallied about 24 spiders behind her.  I had at least that many as well.  Which for sure adds up to 1,000.

    Number of students who jumped out at me from behind something and then I had a delayed reaction of pretending to be scared and they totally believed it and dissolved into giggles: 1.

    My favorite “April Fools Day Joke”: One little boy told me there was a spider behind me and I pretended to be scared and look for it, and instead of saying, “April Fools” he says, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

    Kindergarten Authors

    We are now authors in kindergarten.  Tired of their lame journal entries, “I like my mom” and “I see a cat”, I decided to switch up how we do writing in kindergarten.  Thanks to a journal article I read (for grad school… don’t worry – I haven’t started reading academic journals for fun), this book from my mom 

    and some blank pages stapled together, my kids are turning into budding little authors.  The highlight of the lesson is when I did exactly what the character in the book did, and passed around a kleenex box with a mirror inside.  I told them they could look inside to meet a really special author.  You’d think they’d know what would happen since we just read this same scenario in the book, but rather than rolling their eyes, they saw their reflection in the mirror, their faces lit up, and with wonder they exclaimed, “I’m an author!”

    They can write their books about anything they want.  So far we have about 5 finished novellas.  Watch for some of these classics in your local library someday soon:

    "I Love Animals" - note the egg that the chicken just laid...

    Haunted Mansion: a death defying tale of a zombie named ZooBoo.

    Haunted Mansion: a death defying tale of a zombie named ZooBoo.


    The epic tale of "The Little Cheese and the Little Circle"

    Stars in Houses. I don't know what to say about the topic. Sounds thrilling?

    And last, but certainly not least: Share Hate. Or rather: "Shirts with Hearts" an exciting adventure of 3 best friends who go shopping for various colors of shirts with hearts...

    I can’t wait to see what my little writers come up with next!