Easter Memories

Look carefully at these two family Easter photos.  What is different about them?

You might think:

  1. You are much older in one of the photos
  2. There are 4 kids, not 3
  3. You are dressed much less fancy in your twins sweatshirts
  4. David doesn’t have on his cute knee socks in photo 2 (or does he??)
Look again.
Seriously – scroll back up for a second peek.
Then correct answer is: in photo A, we are simply dressed for Easter.  in photo B, we are making Easter memories.  It is never too late to start.
Let me tell you the back story.
I had a great childhood, and have so many fond memories of special things we did together as a family.  However, I have no memories of having a real Christmas tree, or of dying Easter eggs at home (I do however remember doing this on occasion at my grandparents).  My mom claims these are things we have done together.  We claim we did not.  And as such, we give her crap about our lack of a childhood etc.  It is mostly ridiculous.  We are clearly supporting and grateful children.
This Easter weekend, we went to a Twins game as a family for my mom’s birthday, and then went back to the parents’ house for pizza and snickers cupcakes (more to come on my adventures misadventures with caramel)
Before we started dinner, my mom announces that we will all be putting down the things we are doing, going up to the kitchen, and dying Easter eggs together as a family, and we shall never mock her again.  We looked at her in disbelief.  She was not bluffing.
Well played, mother, well played.
She wins round one.
We mixed up some fun colors of dye, I got the box of white crayons that I just happened to have in my car (such is the life of a kindergarten teacher), and my mom showed us some new techniques she saw in a magazine, while my dad supervised the fun.
My mom just made one mistake.
She answered the phone and missed out on the egg dying extravaganza.
See the photo below for evidence we are sad that we still have no memories of dying Easter eggs with our mother.
I made this photo a little bit small so that my mom wouldn’t notice David’s smile instead of sad face.  But then I thought, perhaps he is smiling because we have won round two.
The battle for Easter “memories” will continue on…
****Please note that in my previous post, I was not mocking the cold cut subs.  I truly was grateful and thought they deserved a shout-out in the post.
****Please note that in this post, I am most definitely mocking and full of sass 🙂 But it is all in love.
Thanks for a fabulous Easter weekend, parents! We had a lot of fun 🙂

One thought on “Easter Memories

  1. Love the cold cut clarification! And love that by teasing our mom, we were rewarded with forced egg dyeing as adults. Good times! I love our family!

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