Save the Earth

We don’t have school tomorrow.  So today we celebrated it up for Earth Day.  And when I say celebrated, I mean we watched Elmo Loves the Earth, we made Earth Day necklaces, and we discussed/wrote about how we can help the Earth.  Sweet “celebration”, I know.

Here are my three favorite take-aways:

“You have to be nice to the Earth so the Earth will be nice to you.”

“I will mop up the whole Earth.” (teacher response: maybe you can start with mopping your kitchen?)

Teacher: Happy Earth Day!  Student: It’s not my birthday!

The conversation pretty quickly went downhill, as they launched into a big discussion/debate on what will happen if the Earth stops spinning, how does the Earth spin, and how does it change from day to night.  Then one girl got up on her knees and said she had an announcement.  She then preached to the class about how when it is day here, it is night in Kenya.  When it is night in Florida, it is day here.  And when it is night here, it is day in China.  She then quietly sat down.

My actual Earth Day plans?  A day of baking delight.  The kitchen fun was meant to start tonight.  Turns out parchment paper and wax paper are not always interchangeable.  Glad I let google teach me that lesson instead of learning it the hard way like I usually do in the kitchen!

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