My Little African Queen

I have a student in my class who I think that I could write a whole blog just on the things she says.  This girl is wise beyond her years, she is hilarious, she says the most amazing things – most of my facebook status updates are thanks to her, and she is full of attitude and sass.  Love her.  Most of the time.  The other 15% of the time she drives me crazy, but in the best way possible.

Here are some of the things she has said of late:

On the topic of exercise:

Student: Can we stop?

Teacher: Nope.

Student: But my legs are crying!!!!

Seeing the smart board in action:

S: NOW I am impressed!

Sitting down to do some fingerpainting:

S: I’m ready to make some magic.

Playing with blocks:

Make a microphone and comes up to me singing – “Who you gonna call?  GHOSTBUSTERS!”

When I repeated something for kids who didn’t hear it:

S: We know!  We weren’t born yesterday!

On the topic of this necklace:

My Silver Medal. Or just some jewelry.

A different student grabs it and says: “What is this?”

T: It is my silver medal from when I won the Olympics!

S turns around in line after hearing this, she puts her hand on her hip and says, “Are you SURE??”

While I was sitting in the book area with her

S: Will you pretend to cry?

(naturally I did this, but put in minimal effort)

S: *giggling to her friend*  I made Miss K cry!

(this was right after she finished petting my arm and singing a song about how I should go to sleep – trust me, I was tempted)

During Light Exploration

She does not spend her time exploring what happens when you shine a flashlight through a color paddle or a prism.  Rather, she dresses up with multiple pairs of kid sunglasses on a face and head, holds a flashlight up to her chin and wanders the classroom repeating in a “spooky” voice: “I am from outerspace” and when I make eye contact with her, she drops all space-creature facade, puts her hands on her hips and says, “I’m serious!”

When supposed to be reading books:

Comes to my desk, pets my arm, and says, “My dad says I’m magic.  I can make it be night.”

Ok then.  I’m sure he does…

On manipulation:

Student: I want to smell that yellow marker.

Teacher: ignores.

Student: Please!?!  (hand on hip).  I gave you candy!  Let me smell it!

One thought on “My Little African Queen

  1. Now that I know about this, I will you email during these last two weeks of craziness (if she’s back) and I will stuff her full of m&ms and make her entertain me.

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