Happy Birthday, Mama!

I don’t think I have ever called my mom, mama.  It just seemed fitting for this post title.

My mom’s birthday is today, so naturally I am brainstorming some birthday gift ideas.

The gift of laughter is always a crowd pleaser.

She also said she was interested in a new bag to bring to Twins games.  Here is a definite possiblity: 

And that concludes my brainstorming.  So I turned to the real experts, and asked my kids what they thought I should get my mom for her birthday.  Here are their suggestions:

A New Wedding Dress

Strawberry Shortcake Shirt

A Ring With a Photo of Me in It

Popular Clothes Like Mine

New Shoes

Heart Pants

Shirt that says I Love You

A New Skirt for Church

 They also suggested I give her a photo of herself, a new car, or a card that says, “love, Laura”.

I think I will go with that last option.  Love you mom!!  Thanks for being great, and I hope your day is so great that you feel like you got all of these amazing gifts, even though you didn’t 🙂