Unreasonable Sobfest

Every morning after our morning meeting, we do a movement activity or song.  The child leading our morning meeting gets to choose.  I have implemented a “One Justin Bieber song per week” rule. Otherwise I will lose my mind.  And they still need to dance to cute kindergarten songs such as, “Make any Shape and Freeze” and “Skip to my Lou” (or Skip to my Low, as they call it – I think that is Lou’s depressed brother’s song?)

Anyways, yesterday they were dancing to One Less Lonely Girl and it was reported to me that a little girl was crying.

I called her over, and yes she was indeed crying. Sobbing, you might say.  Or perhaps weeping would be more apt.  Anyways, there were extreme amounts of tears, her face was all red, and based on the severity of her blubbering, I thought perhaps someone kicked her in the face or stepped on her (even though I do have a strict, “no break dancing” rule for just such safety reasons.)

I asked what was wrong.  She could barely respond through her wailing, but her response was “I just like Justin Bieber so much.  I am just so happy” and she just kept repeating that.  Wow.